Hey there gang...! This I just had to share with everyone on the message boards 'cause it was just too much fun!

This weekend in San Jose will be the annual SUPERCON convention! It's a really nice 2 day show with FANTASTIC guests and a very special treat for art collectors! Every year that convention has an art auction featuring specially created pieces that pairs a penciler with man different inkers all interpreting the same piece!

This year the there penciled pieces were created by Ernie Chan, Michael Golden, and Adam Hughes!... The original pieces were printed as blue line art on boards for the different inkers to interpret as they will!

I was lucky enough to be asked to be one of the inkers, and below you'll see the original pencils for one of the pieces accompanied with my inks of that piece.. I've posted the other two pieces as their own threads on the message boards... If you like what you see, and you are in San Jose this weekend you can buy the bid on the original art!

go to http://www.super-con.com/ to learn more about the convention, and also visit show promoter, Steve Morger's Comicartfans.com page to see other artist inks!