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    Default REFLECTIONS #240: Mark Waid

    Mark Waid stops by REFLECTIONS to talk about his job as Editor-in-Chief of BOOM! Studios, what he looks for in comics pitches that come across his desk, and his work on “Brave and the Bold” and “The Flash.”

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    Funny he would use this phrase, "Creatively bankrupt," because I've felt Waid, of whom I was a big fan of, has displayed more than a few signs of this same illness.

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    Dude, PLEASE tell me you did not just join the board to bash on Mark...

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    Great column on one of my favorite writers!!
    Unfortunately I stopped reading Giffen's Hero-squared. I just couldn't afford it.

    I have really been enjoying Brave and the Bold. It is one of my must-reads. There was something very different about the Superman-Ultraman team-up. It just seemed odd and out of place. Moreso than the other team-ups so far. I don't think Waid's - or for that matter any writer's - writing sucks. I think tastes change. That, and marketing campaigns. There are so many events going on right, it's enough to choke a horse. Brave and the Bold is my break from event comics.

    I'm looking forward to the Batman-Jay Garrick team-up. I've always thought that in his early career, Bruce Wayne would have run across many of the JSA members - one way or another. Alan Scott was the defender of Gotham before Bruce became Batman. Why wouldn't he? Wouldn't he have run across a young Dinah Lance, the original Black Canary's daughter. Of course that would have been before the dreaded, evil, sinister Multerverse reared it's ugly head again not too long ago...


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