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    Default NYCC EXCLUSIVE: Paul Pope Covers PopGun 2

    Just a few months after the release of Image's <I>PopGun Volume 1</I> the publisher prepping <I>Volume 2</I> with a cover by the inimitable Paul Pope. CBR News spoke with editor Joe Keatinge for an <b>exclusive</b> look.

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    WOW SOmeone draws a cover for a comic book! W00T! I can't wait!!!!!!

    comics, games and animation. One such contributor is the esteemed Paul Pope (Heavy Liquid, Batman: Year One Hundred) who provides PopGun Volume 2 with an original and decidedly eye-catching cover that CBR News is pleased to present here for the very first time.

    "It's totally awesome," said Joe Keatinge, Image's PR & Marketing Coordinator and co-editor of PopGun.
    AWESOME??? That's all he has to say about a cover? It's ORGASMIC I'm gonna think about this cover for YEARS.
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