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    Default SHIVER IN THE DARK Update... Grace Cover 4.17.08

    All right.. I know that I'm a li'l late on making a new sketch update... I'm sorry about that, but to make it up with a really really nice piece! As you all know I've been itching to get back to work on Shiver in the Dark... so here's a piece that i've been saving for a li'l while! Grace in all of her glory!.. this piece will likely be either the front cover or the back cover of the next issue ( in full color throughout!)

    I can't tell you just how great it feels to be back working on this project.. I've missed it for so long... It also really exciting for me to see where my style has changed and grown over time since I was last able to put out an issue of Shiver in the Dark...

    Anyway.. please enjoy, and know that there is more on the way!

    S T U A R T
    S A Y G E R

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    Awesome piece - I love it!!!


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