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    Default EXCLUSIVE: "Dead Space" #1 Preview

    Courtesy of Image, CBR brings you an exclusive preview of "Dead Space" #1 by Antony Johnston and Ben Templesmith. On sale this week, the comic is a prequel to the upcoming EA video game.

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    Ben Templesmith keeps on getting beter and better. His last project 30 Days Of Night: Red Snow was just spectacular. This being a prequil to a video game I will never play does not bother me in the least. The talent involved is enough draw for me.The writer of this comic ,Anthony Johnston, might just be the next Matt Fraction or Robert Kirkman. Time will Tell.

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    Now THIS is an improvement. Sure, it's a tie-in, but I am a fan of zombie(ish, in this case) things, and this looks pretty good.

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    Default Dead Space

    Templesmith and Johnston were both at WonderCon and the title stood out to me. Templesmith signed a poster with one of those freaking looking zombies on it and drew a little heart next to it, then told me that even though he draws frightening art for money, he's actually a loving guy. :)

    It looks really good for a video game tie-in, and the writing seemed pretty good in the preview. I may have to pick it up.


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