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    Default Avatar Head talks Warren Ellis' "FreakAngels" Web Comic

    Avatar Press will launch on Friday its first original web comic, Warren Ellis’s “FreakAngels," completely free to readers. CBR News chatted with publisher William Christensen about the online venture, and why the Avatar model is unlike what we’ve seen before.

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    I, for some reason, am reminded of five day BBC radio-serials.

    I don't know why.

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    Very nice.

    Numerous independant webcomic creators have done web comics. Hell, I myself have been invovled with a number of small ones.

    Some popular ones have later been collected in trade, from small publisher or even ones like Dark Horse. I have a couple of them and have seen more on shelves.

    Though this is the first comics publisher I can think of accepting this format and putting one of their books as a comic first and then a trade. Plus the first time a big name writer like Ellis has published a web comic first before a print book.

    You could point to Zuda being first, but.. f--- Zuda. No offense to any creators publishing under that DC imprint, but.. f--- DC and their bullcrap imprint. The ads and marketing and, from what I've heard mumbled around, the copyright deal are crap. Plus their interface is total crap. Give me a plain jpeg on an html page over their fancy flash player any day.

    Anyway, I look forward to this as a new Ellis book and a new format for a comics publisher to take. It's one that's been around some time, but it's nice to see a publisher using it. Plus teh artwork looks fantastic.

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