IMHO, Batman is not reaching its potential as a title.

Now, of course, many folk enjoy what Morrisson and Dini have been doing, which is swell.

I'm just standing on my rickety soap box for a minute or two...

I think ads released at the time of Batman Year One summed up the character perfectly: a cunning fighter, the world's greatest detective.

My Batman (which may not be yours, of course) is about solving mysteries and fantastic crimes. He should be seen using CSI inspired techniques (with a utility belt that is actually used) as well as his deductive abilities to determine suspects and be at the scene of the next crime before it happens (as described wonderfully by Stephen King in Batman 400).

His use of violence should be only when necessary, relying more on suggestion and intimidation. He should face common thugs as well as diabolical costumed villains, using his wits and indomitable will to escape from flamboyant traps and predicaments.

He should have romantic interests and friends that assist him in his quest for justice.

This is not the guy running around All Star Batman or the last few decades of Bats' books, which is too bad.

I miss him.