Uncanny #2 thoughts:

The O5 seem very inexperienced and young in this issue. There was a lot of blaming each other going on after they failed against the Vanisher. Bobby especially is acting out in these early issues. I think it has to do with him feeling insecure about being the youngest and also wanting to get some attention.

One funny thing was Xavier and the military people analzying video of the Vanisher to come up with a plan to stop him. Stan made it seem like this was the whole key to figuring out how to stop him. They even had a big mysterious scene change right before Xavier revealed his plan to the X-Men. That all seemed kind of pointless since Xavier's whole plan ended up being to mind wipe the Vanisher.

It's also interesting to note that most of the regular people view the X-Men as heroes right now. Of course they weren't happy when the X-Men failed to stop the Vanisher in the beginning, but they still regard them as heroes.