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    Default Jonathan Lethem Enters the Unknown with "Omega"

    New York Times bestselling writer Jonathan Lethem revives Marvel’s cult classic, “Omega: The Unknown," and CBR News speaks with him about the comic he loved so much as a teenager, he paid homage to it sin his seminal novel, “The Fortress of Solitude.”

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    Lethem sure uses a lot of big words!

    I've been looking forward to this since it was announced two years or so ago. I'm thrilled that it's finally here. Lethem is a great writer.
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    Stephen King beat him to the draw.

    I kid of course. Seriously, it's great that this is coming out. But who here didn't write this book off at some point as vaporware?
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    I liked the original Omega when it started. That's when Steve Gerber was fresh off of Howard the Duck and the numero uno mover and shaker in comics.

    I don't know from Lethem, but he's got great credentials and a love for the concept. Glad he is doing this.


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