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    Default In-Depth with mpMann

    Award-winning cartoonist Marvin Mann is one of indie comics' most talented yet unsung heroes, but 2007 looks to be the year he's going to break. CBR News spoke with mpMann about his many new projects.

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    Thumbs up mpMann: The Legend Continues

    Marvin Perry Mann is the finest cartoonist I know. Disregard the fact that he is the only cartoonist I know, for his talent is truly boundless...matched only by his determination to perfect his craft. Way back in the old days in So. Calif., Marvin amazed us all with his cartoons, which illustrated our walls, yearbooks, and correspondence. So those of us that "knew him when" are not the least surprised that 2007 will be his "breakout year".

    Congratulations, Marvin...and yes, I'll be buying all three of your new works!

    Dave, the Red-Faced Rabbit.


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