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    Default CCI XTRA: The Jack Kirby Tribute Panel

    An elite panel including Neil Gaiman, Erik Larsen and Darwyn Cooke gathered at Comic-Con to discuss the enduring influence and legacy of one of comics' most celebrated figures: Jack Kirby.

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    The lack of appreciation for Kirby from Marvel mentioned by this panel is disgusting. I like Stan Lee, but that is his one great fault. It got to be all about Stan. The ultimate comic huckster.

    Over time, I believe the stature of Stan Lee will not stand up, but the work of Kirby will always be revered.

    Anyhow, they don't mention it, but....

    My favorite Kirby is his 50's work. Challengers of the Unknown, Adventures of the Fly, Double Life of Private Strong, Fighting American, 3 Rocketeers, Bullseye, the Marvel monster work, the westerns, I can't remember them all right now.

    Fantastic Four #3, 4, & 5 also are masterpieces of work artistically. To me at least.

    There's just something about Jack Kirby's work. You can stare at it and not know why, but there's just something about it. I wish someone could explain it.

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    This was the last panel I went to of the four days I was there. It really is a shame how Stan really feels these are his characters alone. I would love to ask Kevin Smith to confront Stan on that if he feels he can.

    Easily one of the best comic panels on a steadily shrinking comic related comic convention. Got a free kirby poster too!

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    .... Evanier said. I don't usually watch movies made from comics but I sat through to the end of the first X-Men' expecting to see some credit for Jack and finally there it was in the smallest type and worst placement possible. You could not put that man's name on the screen and have it mean less than where they put it.

    OK, I'll bite - the success of Marvel in general owes a massive debt to Kirby's output in the 60s, but X-Men in particular owes very little - the whole franchise was a total non-event and going nowhere, until it was totally reinvented in the 70s, long after Kirby had had anything to do with it.

    By all means, give the guy the credit that he's due, but let's not do that by grabbing credit for him that he's not due.


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