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    Default Building a Better "Booster" with Jurgens, Johns & Katz

    "The All-New Booster Gold" team of Geoff Johns, Jeff Katz and Dan Jurgens talk to CBR News about the life and times of DC Comics' most unlikely protector of the multiverse.

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    Looks promisin'! And I like this Jeff Katz, guy. He's obviously got a lot of love for the character. That they're taking him down the route of "The Greatest Story Never Told" from "JLU" is perfect. And Booster having to now act like the schmuck he really used to be is the best touch of all. Can't wait to read it...

    ...even if my Daniel Carter is... Lost in Time idea would've kicked asskicking circles around this book's ass. :p
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    I just can't get into Jurgens' art.
    He has nice splash pages & poses.
    Just he can't draw action sequences all that well.

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    I'm actually looking forward to this one. I never really cared for Booster until I read Giffen's "Can't Believe It's Not the Justice League", and then gradually really warmed up to him during the recent Crisis events (sadly, I missed out on the original Giffen League run...)

    In any event this should be cool. Wish they'd kept the collar, though. I think the suit looks much better with it.

    (Plus, I still think it would have been cooler if they'd kept Booster as both Booster and Supernova- from the time period he was still playing Supernova- for at least a little bit, so they could play off the man with the world's biggest ego against himself.)

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    Man this is just what I need a time traveling book that tells the history of the DCU New Earth. :D

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    I'm also really looking forward to this series. I've been a Booster fan since his original series and he became a favourite character of mine when he was in the JLA. Beetle and Booster made that book!! :)

    The new direction sounds great. I'm just hoping they can pull it off. Time traveling comics never seem to last that long so I'm hoping that they will deal with the Multiverse more. I liked the Quantum Leap reference. This would be a great 'showcase' series for doing that. Introducing us to all the different Earths and the characters that inhabit them. I'm intrigued to find out who's Legion Flight Ring Booster has.

    As for the creative team its looks good, even if Jurgens can make people look a bit wooden at times he still a great artist.

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    Great article. The series looks very good. Can't wait.
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