While at the conventions I do a lot of sketches that don't see print anywhere! They are drawn on the spot and whisked away to a private collection. I love it that these pieces are given a loving home, but they also need to be shared and enjoyed by everyone!
Every two weeks I"ll update the link below to display a different convention drawing! If you have one of my convention sketches, or even a full blown commission, send me a scan and I'll be sure share!
Keeping with the "Aparo" theme of the day, I thought that I would post a nice piece of the ol' Charlton Great "The Question" I've always like the question. The smoke that surrounds him as his puts on his mask is a visual trick that is right up my alley! (Hey.. just how many characters did Steve Ditko create that have no face..? Do ALL of Ditko's characters buy their cool 60's leisure hats at the same store..? )

See you all next week in San Diego!