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    Default Spider Woman: Friend? or Skrull?!

    At the end of The last New Avengers, (#32), the last panel is a woman wearing a red suit, carrying away a body bag. spider woman is the only woman that wears red, besides elektra, who was the person in a bodybag about two pages earlier, now, unless Bendis is really REALLY trying to suprise us, that means that spiderwoman is taking the body. NOw, the point. Do u think that Spider woman is a skrull like elektra, or is she just trying to take the body to tony stark? personally, i think that jessica drew is really a green shape-shifting alien, but im probably wrong. what do u guys think?

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    We have an entire thread on who may or may not be a Skrull. Let's keep such speculation there for the time being. Thanks!


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