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    Default DC FLASHBACK: The Flash

    Speedsters have always been at the forefront of great change in the DCU, perhaps more now than ever before. CBR's Brian Eason examines the grand legacy of those heroes who've carried the mantle of the Flash.

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    Couple of things I want to mention about the article in terms of accuracy:

    1) Wally's first experience with the Speed Force actually came about during his fight with Kobra in the "Terminal Velocity" storyline, not fighting the original Reverse-Flash in "The Return of Barry Allen". Granted, during the fight with Zoom his speed did increase, but it wasn't until he entered the Speed Force (issue #99) and then returned (issue #100) during T.V. that he was actually "linked" to it in a way that no other speedster had before. Also, once he had joined the Speed Force, he no longer had to keep himself fueled by eating and sleepting to compenstate for his speed.

    2) Barry Allen didn't spend time with Iris during his run backwards in time in Crisis #8. At the end of The Flash #350 he was sent into the 30th Century with Iris as a "reward" for his work as Flash and all the misery the Trial had put him through. Barry and Iris spent about a month together in the 30th Century before Barry was abducted by the Anti-Monitor. It was during that month together that Iris became pregnant with the Tornado Twins, though Barry died never knowing his own children. It was also during this one particular month that Wally visited Barry in the 30th Century during the "Chain Lightning" storyarc, and in which Barry came back in time to give some words of wisdom to Wally during the "Blitz" storyarc (Barry made an appearance in The Flash vol. 2 #200). After escaping the Anti-Monitor and beginning his run to save the Multiverse, Barry visited (very briefly) moments from his own life, appearing to friends and family as a ghostly image before finally succumbing to death (ie. the Speed Force). Barry's appearance in Infinite Crisis was during his time in the Speed Force after his "death" and during the Rogue War he had actually come forward in time right after the attack on his fiance Fiona Webb in order to find Prof. Zoom who had escaped justice (briefly) in the timestream with Zoom II before Barry brought him back to the past and broke his neck, thus beginning "The Trial of The Flash".
    On second thought, let us not go to Camelot. It is a silly place.

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    Hmm, some of those scans look oddly familiar...

    It's always interesting seeing where they turn up.
    "The Flash lives! I always wanted to say that." - Wally West, Flash v.2 #50

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    I'm hoping the person in the lightning rod was Bart, not Barry.

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    Default the lightning rods

    Small correction: the idea of using the "lightning rods" to revive a dead comrade appearred back in the day when Otto Binder, Ed Hamilton and Joe Siegel were writing the LOSH in Adventure Comics. Shooter was a wunderkind, writing his first work to be published at 13, but he would have been in grade school to have been responsible for the "lightning rod" concept.

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    Wow, looks like there are Speed Force historians here who love The Flash just as much as me and have more knowledge. Big UPS, guys! I applaud you!;)

    I am also slightly drunk!!! :D :D


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