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    Default Give Me The Black Coat "...or give me death"

    Indie hit the Black Coat returns in a new mini-series from Ape Entertainment, "The Black Coat:' ...or give me death.'" CBR News spoke with writer Ben Lichius about the new adventures of his cult character

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    The first mini was awesome but that cliffhanger ending about killed me! I'm eagerly anticipating the new mini but at the same time I actually have a little trepidation as to where the character might go given the ending to the previous story.

    Nice to see Lichius stepping up to the scripting duties, though, and Francavilla's artwork on the previous series melted your eyeballs it was so good. I was exceedingly happy when I look at look at Left on Mission and saw his name in the credits there. I knew immediately I would be getting some good art and he didn't disappoint there (I'd still love to see him get a shot at doing a Jonah Hex story, though).

    If anyone hasn't picked up the first mini yet -- what are you waiting for? Don't walk, don't run... SPRINT to get it!
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    Glad you're looking forward to the new Black Coat mini!

    You won't be disappointed, I promise! It's arguably better than the first mini.

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    Thanks guys!!
    The first issue of BC:OGMD comes out this week!
    I think Kevin's right, I think the book is looking pretty good - hopefully better than the last series! :)
    Enjoy and let us know what you think!


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