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    Default Showcase Rules & Directory

    The Artist & Writer Showcase is a place for posters to share their creative works. It's here where our artistic-minded posters may show off their stuff or ask others for opinions or for help.

    You can post just about anythng you want here. Digital art, traditional art, photography, fiction, poetry, song, dance. As long as it's not pornographic, you aren't selling artwork, and you're not breaking any other rules.

    1. BE CIVIL
    • We do not tolerate people acting like jerks for no reason. Treat everyone with civility.
    • Do not make unsoliticed negative comments about others' work.

    • Do NOT use profanity or derogatory terms OR overly graphic or pornographic images.
      NOTE: Profanity is allowed on this forum, within reason, if it is used within the context of a story or other written piece. For the sake of this forum, pornography is defined as anything meant to titillate. If something was done in the vein of classic figure-drawing then it's allowed.

    • Do NOT post any messages that are obscene, vulgar, sexually-oriented, hateful, threatening, or otherwise violative of any laws.

    3. NO BUMPING!
    • It's okay to resurrect old threads as long as you have something to add. But posting solely to bump a long-dead thread back to the front page is a quick way to have that thread closed.

    • Please feel free to post all the art or writing that you want. But please restrict images and chapters to a single thread. Set up a thread for you to showcase all of your artwork or an entire writing project. Do not start a new thread for every piece.

    • If you want to start a thread about your comic or webcomic, that's fine, but this forum isn't intended as free advertising. Post updates as new issues are released, etc., but don't spam the board or bump just to keep your thread on the first page.

    • This forum is for CBR posters to share their work. Please refrain from posting others' artwork.

    • Don't write about political issues. This isn't the place for it. Take it to the Community Forum.

    • No selling allowed! If you want to trade comics, there's a trading thread on the Community Forum. If you're trying to sell stuff on eBay you're on your own. Don't mention it here.

    • Similarly, no begging for votes. Bringing the forum's attention to non-CBR contests is fine, as is showing off artwork you've entered in said contests, but you're not allowed to come here to solicit for votes.

    • We already have a "Seeking Talent" thread. So don't start new threads looking for or advertising talent.

    • Games are fun, but they can overrun a forum. If ou wish to host a creative game or contest here you must ask first. Only one organized game or contest at a time, please.

    • SUPER GOLDEN RULE: Keep the discussions about the CREATIONS or the CREATIVE PROCESS, not other posters.

    Thanks for your attention.
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    Here are a few links to frequently used threads/topics:

    Weekly thread posted on the Showcase devoted to drawing various comic, cartoon, and other fictional characters.

    Draw Me An Avenger
    Weekly thread posted on the Avengers forum devoted to drawing Avengers characters.

    Draw Me An X
    Weekly thread posted on the X-Books forum devoted to drawing X-Men characters.

    Project CBRunway 5 | 4 | 3 | 2 | 1 | All-Stars
    CBR's annual comic character and costume design competition.

    Seeking Talent
    Need an artist or writer? Offering your creative talents to others? Post here.

    All Comic Art Area: Wallpapers
    Here's where you can ask for or contribute wallpapers.

    All Comic Art Area: Avatars
    Here's where you can ask for or contribute avatars.

    Zuda Comics Submissions
    Have an entry? Post here.

    Small Press Idol Submissions
    Have an entry? Post here.
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