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    Default New Avengers/Transformers Crossover

    I just for the first time saw a reference to this in another thread and did some searching on the web.

    Saturday, December 16th, 2006 2:55PM CST

    We have heard rumors in the past about a Transformers and Justice League crossover, and now there is a new rumor circling the internet. The latest rumor has been reported by All The Rage. According to All The Rage a Transformers and Avengers crossover is planned. Here is what was reported:

    "Roll Out

    I’m hearing rumors of a Transformers / Avengers crossover coming out next summer, just in time for the new live action Transformers movie. No word on who the creators are yet, but scripts are being worked on as we speak.

    This Has A “Remember When Spider-Man Guest Starred In Transformers Issue 3?” Factor Of Seven Out Of Ten"

    Remember nothing has been confirmed at this time. This is only a rumor.

    UPDATE: Nothing has been confirmed and this is still a rumor however:

    Jay of Comic News International has reported that he has contacted people at both Marvel and IDW about the rumor of a Transformers and Avengers crossover. Here is what Jay posted about his findings:

    "neither side was willing to confirm this rumor, I feel it's worth mentioning that neither side was willing to deny the rumor either."
    Monday, January 8th, 2007 5:48PM CST

    Well many of you may remember that awhile back we reported a rumor here about a possible Transformers and Avengers Crossover. Well, that rumor just will not seem to die. In fact more information about it was posted on All The Rage. Here is what was posted:

    "Speaking of the Avengers… Anyone else as excited as me for the Avengers / Transformers happening coming up in July? Ooooo! I cannot wait! *sends more diminutive scouts out for some energon and more data*"

    Now keep in mind nothing has been officially announced and this is still just a rumor.
    Thoughts on there being any truth to this rumor? And if so, thoughts on the potential crossover?

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    Depends on the creative team really but I'd have to see the art and the reason for their team-up.

    I'd also like to know who the characters involved will be.

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    Hmmm... it sounds like it might be fun, even though I can't imagine it being anything other than campy.

    Maybe if they throw Ultron in the mix or something, it might be cool.

    I"m assuming if they team with the Avengers it would be the Mighty Avengers (though for continuity and sales sake, there are some advantages to just using the Marvel Adventures Avengers). It would be kind of interesting to see how someone like Sentry would stack up against giant machines like the Deceptioncons. Would he be chucking Devestator into the Sun?

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    This is going to happen. I can't wait.

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    Yuck yuck yuck yuck yuck....

    Although Wolverine slicing and dicing Decepticons would appeal for about 30 seconds and I usually hate Wolverine.

    Cap and Optimus in a who's the most pious competition?

    Luke Cage and Jazz could have some hideously cliched interaction too...

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    I would love to see this happen. I'dlove to see it take place in Marvel 1980's Transformers continuity, remember that Marvel did produce TF's comics in the 80's. I hope it has Spidy in it, I'd love to see him team up with Gears again.

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    Default Avengers vs transformers confirmed by marvel.

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    Yipee!!!:) :d :) :d

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    Anyone remember when Spider-Man met Gears in a crossover from yeeeaaars ago?

    I feel so old.

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    Default New Avengers meet the Transformers

    So I logged in here and one of the new news articles is about the NYCC and how there is to be a comic released at the same time as the Transformers movie about how the New Avengers meet the Transformers.

    They mention a misunderstanding that leads to a dust up and then they come to an understanding to stop a common threat.

    Eh, I think I will skip this one, like the plague. I like peanut butter and I like Mayonaise, but I dont like Mayonaise and peanut butter sandwiches.

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    One thing this crossover absolutely must have...

    Spider-Man webbing up Megatron, then going "Hmm... That felt familiar..." :)
    -Exit the LoneWolf

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    Quote Originally Posted by lead sharp View Post
    Anyone remember when Spider-Man met Gears in a crossover from yeeeaaars ago?
    I do. And I also remember Marvel almost immediately assuring the readers that that issue "didn't count".

    A case of plot triumphing over marketing after-the-fact. :)

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    the new arverger team is captain american, ironman,spidey,luke cage, and not arvergers but ms,marvel and falcon
    it supposed to take place inbetween sentry story arc and ronin story arc

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    As long as it's the Generation 1 Transformers, I'll buy it.
    Completely second the allusions to the classic crossover. Probably the comic that got me into comics. Isn't it odd that Spidey's back in black again?

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    I'd definitely buy the first issue to see what is up. This thing could go either way story wise.
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