I was just thinking, I remember when Johns first stepped into the comic world, he was co-writing Hawkman with... was it Goyer, Robinson or both?

I remember a few cases where a new writer would be introduced into comic writing by pairing up with a seasoned pro. Do you guys like this? Are you digging the Johns/Donner pairing? Will the Dark Tower team prove to work well?

Hell, do you guys like collaboration like Grey/Palmiotti on books? Personally, I dig most of their stuff and I really liked the Giffen/Dematteis JLI. Some guys are better at plotting, and others are better at dialogue. I think one of the reasons that 52 has worked so well (from a financial standpoint, I'm not reading it) is that they've stayed on schedule and are able to make use of their team of writers in a way similar to that of tv.

That been said, if you do dig it, who would you guys like to see team up?

I'd love to see BKV and Stan Lee work on a story together.

Same with Alan Moore and Neil Gaiman, or Grant Morrison and Warren Ellis.