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    Default Sketch Update.. 1-22-07 Pencil! Girl! Western! Guns!

    While at the conventions I do a lot of sketches that don't see print anywhere! They are drawn on the spot and whisked away to a private collection. I love it that these pieces are given a loving home, but they also need to be shared and enjoyed by everyone!
    Every two weeks I"ll update the link below to display a different convention drawing! If you have one of my convention sketches, or even a full blown commission, send me a scan and I'll be sure share!
    O.K... This is a real treat! Below are pencils that I did in the creation of a cover for an upcoming independent comic called "Dark Redemption" from IN-SCHOOL INK ( I don't know where that company name comes from as the book actually looks very nice indeed!) I was flattered to be approached to produce the cover for this comic. I've been a big fan of the Fleisher issues of Jonah Hex ( as drawn by Tony Dezunga ) and have always enjoyed Nick Cardy's work on Batlash. Looking at this cover you can kinda it too! .. The hero has the grit of Jonah, and the girl is soft and smooth like Nick would have wanted it.... What can I say, the things that you love stick with you!

    For the final cover I also supplied the colors to this image.. But to see that you'll have to wait for the book to come out! But hey, this has to be a treat!... It's pretty rare that I post pencils!

    The bottom illustration was the basis for the final cover. The top piece was a sketch that I did getting a feel for the lead hero.... ( anyone like The Shadow..?... Neal Adams and Kaluta..?)


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    Looking good. I got a print of your Dr. Doom and Elektra autographed in Toronto about two years ago. Still treasure them.

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    Default toronto 2007

    I'm back on the list for toronto this year!.. one of my very favorite shows, in what is my favorite city of all that i've traveled to for a convention!

    Peter, Doug, and Kevin are all top notch... I'll be back as long as they have me!
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    Fantastic sketches, Stuart. I dig the composition and energy of that first one. Great stuff.


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