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    Default Beauty & the Geek 3

    Anybody else watching this series? Last night's ending disappointed me at first, when Mario and Nadia sent the two most studious girls to the Elimination Room, but on further reflection, I'm glad it ended the way it did.

    Sheree reminds me a lot of Cher from Season 2: a stealth 'beauty'. They might put "Former Hooters Waitress" beneath her name, but she has a degree from the University of Central Florida and she works in business development. She has a fairly serious background, so it should come as no surprise that she was so good at interviewing or so committed to studying. And if the show is about helping people grow out of their comfort zone, well, she doesn't have that far to go.

    On the other hand, Piao was a lost cause. He's the geek equivalent of the blonde who mistook a jet for the Wright Brothers plane. His profanity-laden stand-up routine displayed a remarkable lack of tact, and his artwork last night was almost disturbing. Just totally clueless.

    By the way, the show has a MySpace page, with links to individual pages for the cast members. You can even listen to music from Nate's Star Wars band. And I really love the Bowling for Soup song that plays on the show's page.

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    i always wondered what would happen if i went onto this show,
    im geeky yet beautiful


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