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  • Superman!

    6 35.29%
  • The Internet!

    11 64.71%
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    Default Superman vs. The Internet

    Recently, i was playing a board game with some friends called Apples to Apples. In the game, one must decide which word is best described by an adjective. The adjective in question was "Popular", with the synonyms "Well-Liked, Preferred, and Accepted" used for criteria.

    The two words in question were "Superman" and "The Internet". We had a good 40 minute debate as to which of the two was the most popular. Ultimately, The Internet took the card. But i stand by my proclamation that Superman is more popular, simply because Superman is not a tool or a necessity, but he's probably as widely known (as an entity, not just a character) as the internet is.

    But what i want is a greater sampling of what the public would think. Which do you feel is more popular, and why?
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    More people pay for the internet than pay for Superman comics.

    More people know the name 'Superman' and understand the character than REALLY know how to use the internet. ;)

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    The number of people who know the name or symbol of Superman is probably equal to, if not less than, the number of people who know of the Internet. Despite Superman's icon status, I would say that the Internet is more popular. It is tough. Superman is like Coca-Cola. He's an American symbol plastered across the globe. But I suspect it would be easier, possibly not by much, to find children who know about the Internet than those who know about Superman.

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    I'd say it's pretty equal. There are some diehard Superman fans out there & there are also A LOT of people who use/like the internet.

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    You're confusing recognition with popularity. Yeah, Superman's been around for a while and a lot of people know who he is but out of all of those people how many of them buy Superman comics? Or even keep up with what's happening? Not very many. Broadband internet isn't a neccesity either, but compare the amount of people who pay for that on a monthly basis to the amount of people who buy or even pay attention to Superman on a monthly basis and the gap is ridiculous

    Internet >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Superman, as far as popularity is concerned

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    I think its almost a tie, but i think internet has the lead...

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    Out in the real world there's no contest. Go out in the street and ask 50 people whether they'd prefer to lose the internet or Superman.

    Even in the English speaking world it would be a landslide. The internet is way way more popular


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