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    Default Meltdown Massive at Meltdown

    Meet author David Schwartz and artist Sean Wang of MELTDOWN (the comic book) at Meltdown (the retail establishment)!

    Join us at Meltdown’s Hollywood location on Wednesday, December 20 for a book signing by the creators of MELTDOWN, the new prestige format mini-series from Image. MELTDOWN chronicles the last days of The Flare, a flame-powered hero whose metahuman ability is consuming him from within.

    MELTDOWN is a superhero book which draws creative inspiration from the Claremont/Byrne run on UNCANNY X-MEN and the Wolfman/Perez run on NEW TEEN TITANS. Author David Schwartz hopes to evoke familiar strengths in MELTDOWN as he mentions in a recent interview.

    “I always felt that those books became so popular because they concentrated as much (if not more) on developing characters as they did on developing storylines. The reason we became hooked is because we truly cared about these characters, cared what happened to them and I really wanted to try and bring that same level of depth and characterization to my work on MELTDOWN.”

    Issue One of the two issue mini-series has already arrived on bookshelves to great acclaim. Newsarama’s review has high praise for this new work. “Not since Kurt Busiek’s ASTRO CITY has a comic brought so much impact into the comic book world. The unyielding power of MELTDOWN leaves the reader thirsting for more…an early Christmas present for comic fans worldwide.”

    Keep an eye on our website as to when the party starts and we’ll see you in the store!

    For more information on MELTDOWN

    Meltdown Comics
    7522 W Sunset Blvd
    L.A., CA 90046


    The backroom is filled to the brim with quick gift options for everyone you know.
    Well, everyone who likes books and toys.
    If you don’t like books and toys how did you come to be reading this?

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    The signing commences at 5:00 p.m.

    Synchronize your watches.

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    I was looking forward to reading it this week, but the box containing the Meltdown books, along with others was lost in the shipment.

    I won't get it 'til next week.

    Color me bummed. :(
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