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Thread: Who is Gurland?

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    Default Who is Gurland?

    On Fantastic Four #231, "Moench and Gurland" are credited as writers. We all know who Moench is, but I have never heard of anyone named Gurland. A Google search on "Gurland" and "comics" results in nothing (except for another message board where someone asked this same question and didn't receive an answer). The GCD lists only Doug Moench as the writer for this issue.

    Do any of you know who Gurland is, or if s/he even existed? And if there was no such person, why was s/he given credit for this issue?
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    You are right Sir Tim... nothing seems to come up on this guy. Pen name maybe? Inside joke? Maybe only Moench knows. I'm sure if you are able to you probably looked into some of the subsequent issues to see if the mystery writer Gurland was adressed in any of the letters pages, or any bullpen bulletins... Just a thought.


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