I know there are some Cardy fans here, and some original art collectors. Can anyone help Roy with some interesting Cardy art?

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Hi! I'm putting together art for ALTER EGO #65 (Feb. 2007) over the next week, which features a humongous interview with Nick Cardy from the 1940s through the mid-1970s, and wondered if anyone out there had any original or unique art he/she might care to contribute. Need 300 dpi generally--CDs preferred--or, even better, photocopies. Only problem is, I start working on the issue within the week. Naturally, you'll get a free copy of the issue for any contributions... so send your mailing address when/if you contact me. We're trying to avoid duplication of most art and photos from the Nick Cardy book from Vanguard and from the recent coverage of his 1970s-plus career in BACK ISSUE.

Best wishes and thanks in advance,