Since the buyout of the Ogre in March, they've scaled back on their local con presence and parties. So the infamous GOG party in on indefinite hiatus. DO NOT PANIC!

We here at Panel & Ferret Press present the first Mid-Ohio Preshow party. We call it..

Cash bar, free live music, free snacks, etc. Free and easy exchange between con goer and pro alike. No signatures or hassle. Barley's offers some great microbrew. They're situated across from where the convention will be held this year. For more info go to


I'll be at the Mid-Ohio hawkin' my new mini SPB:Rise! 36 pages all in full color. Collected from my online strip on webcomicsnation. Click the link for a preview. The mini offers some extras and is a little ahead of the online version (at the moment). Retail's $3.50