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    Default DCU cast of the Rocky Horror Show

    Saw the Rocky Horror Picture Show recently and this idea popped into my head.

    The cast i ended up with was:

    The Criminologist- Commisioner Gordon
    Brad- Clark Kent
    Janet- Lois Lane
    Dr. Frank N. Furter- Lex Luthor
    The Rocky Horror- Kon-El/Conner Kent (About ten kinds of wrongness with Lex, but I'm not sure if that counts for or against)
    Columbia- Natalie Henry/Starlight

    And this where I start having trouble with the casting. I'm trying to have Luthor's allies/creations for Frank's entourage, but I'm running out of significant characters that fit. I was thinking Steel for Riff, but I have no idea of who to use for the rest.

    So mind helping me finish the casting? Or, just do your own. Try to have fun, either way.
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    As disturbed as I am by this thread, let me throw in a nomination for Lobo as Dr. Frank N. Furter. Come on. That's just plain funny.

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    Legion of Rocky-Horror

    Brad ~ Lightning Lad
    Janet ~ Saturn Girl
    Riff Raff ~ Grimbor
    Magenta ~ Charma
    Columbia ~ Candi Pierpont Le Parc
    Eddy ~ Lobo-bot from the Quiet Darkness
    Rocky ~ B.I.O.N.
    Dr. Scott ~ Pulsar Stargrave
    Frank N Furter ~ Brainiac 5

    Transexual Conventioneers ~ Chameleon Boy, Chameleon Chief, Yera, Shvaughn/Sean Erin & Color Kid
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    As a long time Rocky Horror fan, i gotta say, really fricken funny idea. I like some of your choices.

    The Criminologist- Commisioner Gordon
    Brad- Clark Kent
    Janet- Lois Lane
    Dr. Frank N. Furter- Blue Beetle alt Aquaman because it makes me giggle to picture him in the outfit
    Rocky Horror- Booster Gold alt Aqualad because he's been known to wear the tightie underwear
    Columbia- Power Girl
    Riff Raff - Captain Marvel Jr
    Magenta - mary marvel
    Eddie - Guy Gardner
    Dr. Scott - Batman

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    Frank N Furter - Joker
    The Criminologist- Batman
    Brad- Aquaman
    Janet- Sue Dibney
    Rocky Horror- Bizzaro
    Riff Raff - Solomon Grundy
    Magenta - Batwoman
    Columbia - Poison Ivy
    Eddie - Lobo
    Dr. Scott - Oracle
    Ralph Hapschatt - Ralph Dibney
    Betty Munroe Hapschatt - Montoya

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    Found online:


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