Interestingly, Grant's discussion brought me back to my time as a semi-professional magician (in how many other fields is the term "semi-professional" used?). Of course, there was the discussion of Water Gibson, known to pulp fans as the influential writer of THE SHADOW, but known in the magic community as one of Harry Houdini's chief assistants and designer of a number of his effects. However, the discussion on panels reminded me of the movie, LE GRAND BLOND AVEC UNE CHAUSSURE NOIRE, aka "The Tall Blond Man with One Black Shoe", which was a wonderful example of the use of stage magic techniques in cinema (for those who have not seen it, try to get a subtitled version, as much of the humor is based on rhythm and timing which was greatly muted by the dubbing process). One notable scene was when the sound of a toilet flushing was broken into three parts; the initial gurgle, the actual flush, and the water refilling the bowl at the end for a strong comedic effect (showing the result from 3 points of view).