On Dec 22 this year the Lear Elsie plant will be closing and moving all the jobs to Mexico. The Lear Elsie plant had 226 employees, who will be jobless as of Dec 22. The work they performed at around 15 dollars an hour will be moved to several plants in Mexico

This saddens me a great deal. Plants have closed left and right in Michigan. Thousand and Thousand of good paying jobs have left the state and the country. Yet this one is personal.

Elsie is one of the most producitve plants for Lear Corp. They losted out when they refused to take a hit on their health care about a year ago. Lear signed and agreed to a contract 2 years ago with them. Then asked them to open the contract and cut the level of health care and increase the amount the employee paid for health care. They refused as I stated above and started to have work pulled from their shop.(they roughly had about 350 employees to start)

It very saddens me to see 226 hard working american's lose their jobs. Not because of something they did, but because of something someone else is willing to, but they really like most of us in the auto industry have no choice anyways. With NAFTA we cannot complete no matter what we do. We could deunionize, drop our wages to minimum wage, and ask for no health care and still cost more than Mexico or China.

In the end I can't understand the logic to elimating 226 people who could buy cars and replacing them with 226 people who can't.

I guess I just wanted to inform you all what it is really feels like in my neck of the woods. Comment however you please. Here is the link to the closing.


I hope I made some sense. I had a couple tonite.