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    Default Your Top 5 Marvel Books

    Hey guys what are your top 5 Marvel books??? Im curious to see what one pops up the most. Ill start

    1. X-Factor- my favorite book out now. PAD always leaves me wondering whats going to happen to next issue.
    2.Daredevil-im enjoying the storyline in this book. It kind of feels similar to Millers run IMO. And the art is fantastic.
    3.X-Men-I just hope Carey has a long run
    4.Young Avengers- As long as they dont just start throwing a bunch of more teen characters in for no reason itll be a top book for me.
    5.Captain America- I didnt think id read a Cap solo book ever. I like what Brubaker has done with the character. What i really look foward to in the issues is when Cap and Bucky are together.

    other books- UnCanny X-Men, Thunderbolts, Planet Hulk.

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    Actually, my favorite Marvels are very similar to yours....

    Daredevil - Brubaker's "Devil in Cell Block D" got me back onto this title with a vengeance.
    Nextwave - Awesome mix of action, satire and wackiness from Warren Ellis.
    Captain America - Since the reboot under Brubaker I look forward to this book every month, and I never thought I would say that about Captain America.
    X-Men - I was really looking forward to Carey taking over this book and he hasn't disappointed.
    Thunderbolts - I love villain-based books and this is the closest that Marvel gets to DC's SUICIDE SQUAD or SECRET SIX.

    Runners-up: Uncanny X-Men. X-Factor, Cable/Deadpool, MAX Punisher

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    Top 5? There are that many? Okay, I'll give it a shot.

    (In no particular order:)
    Exiles-I was sad when I learned that Bedard is leaving the title. I just hope Claremont can continue the awesomeness.

    Captian America-Although I didn't like the notion of Bucky returning, Brubaker has handled such an event a whole lot better than DC did Jason Todd. It's unfortunate that, seemingly, Civil War will disrupt the story.

    Ultimates 2-The only gripe I have is that it's NEVER FINISHING! Okay, that was an exaggeration, but it really riles me that such a good story has such an indefinite ending.

    Annihilation-Although it has its errors, I'm a sucker for cosmic action.

    Thunderbolts-I may not understand some of what is happening, but the story itself is interesting stuff. Why does the concept of heroes ignoring laws of physics need to be explained? It doesn't! But it's that kind of creativity that makes me like this comic.

    Honorable mentions: Uncanny X-Men and Cable & Deadpool (It was decent the last time I looked)

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    top 5?

    1)Astonishing X-men

    2)X-men & Uncanny

    3)New Avengers & Young Avengers


    5)Ms. Marvel
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    1. X-Men: The First Class - Yes, it's only been one issue so far but it's seriously one of my favorite books right now. In the current sea of death and X-angst, this is a most welcome and refreshing book. Plus I've always loved the 'Orginal Five' so this book gets a boost from that. Jeff Parker makes the X-Men fun again.

    2. Agents of Atlas - Another refreshing book in the darkness of the current Marvel Universe. Not to mention I love seeing these old characters dusted off and used again. Hoping to see another mini once the current one ends. I would love it to evolve into an ongoing, but it's best they build interest first.

    3. Young Avengers - While I've always been a bigger fan of the X-Books than any other aspects of the Marvel Universe, this book has managed to really hook me. It's a shame that it's so slow in coming out, and that it's currently on hiatus until 2007. But the Civil War: Young Avengers & Runaways mini has helped a lot to make the wait more easier to stomache. Hopefully 'Season 2' will be as good.

    4. New Excalibur - I'll admit it, I'm a huge Chris Claremont fan. I've loved his work for decades now, and I think it's still as fresh today as it was in the 70's and 80's. So far I've really enjoyed the classic 'Old School' feel of New Excalibur. The Shadow X-Men were great new baddies, and the Warwolves were great to see again. This would have been higher on my list, but it's fallen some during Frank Tieri's period as fill-in writer.

    5. Astonishing X-Men - I'm not a huge Joss Whedon fan. I did like Serenity, but the rest hasn't really captured me. That said, he gets the X-Men pretty well as characters. He's not my favorite X-Men writer of all time, and he puts far too much focus on Kitty, but so far it's not been that bad. And while he stumbled majorly with the Danger arc, the rest hasn't been that bad. The book features Beast as well, so it gets bonus points.
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    At this moment...monthly...
    1. Daredevil
    2.Astonishing X-Men
    4.Captain America

    Civil War might be on this list except for the fact that the execution of a great premise is just so bad.
    UFF would have been on this list but I havent really been enthused so far about what Carey has done.

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    This is tough. I'm really enjoying many titles at the moment. GAH! Let's see...

    1) Civil War: I just love an ideological struggle. This book is firing on all cylinders and while the lateness is annoying, it's well worth the wait.

    2) Young Avengers: Somehow, even with characters, art, and dialogue that have a new-school vibe, this book manages to feel like an old-school romp done right. It's just perfect.
    3) Uncanny X-Men: Brubaker is a master, and Tan is well on his way to becoming one. This book just does it for me.

    4) NextWave : I don't think I need to say too much here. You either get it, or you don't.

    5) X-Men: Mike Carey's Rogue has single-handedly turned this book into a favorite of mine. I'm not a fan of Bachalo's, but Carey's doing such a great job here, and his Rogue is just priceless.

    Honourable mentions: Ultimate Fantastic Four, Ultimates 2, Astonishing X-Men, X-Factor, Ms. Marvel, New Avengers

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    My favorites at the moment, disregarding any and all minis.

    Marvel Team-Up: The comic that makes me smile whenever I read it.:)
    I will miss it.:(

    Thunderbolts: I love how complex all the characters and situations are. And the concept is just brilliant. Villains trying to be heroes but pretty much failing at it, at least at the moment.

    Young Avengers: I thought nothing of this title when I first heard of it, like many of us. But it's proven to be a solid book with great art, interesting new characters, witty dialogue and a classic feel to it.

    Sensational Spider-man: This book is the way Spider-man books are suppose to be. It runs it's own game and uses classic villains that aren't overexposed. It just feels like THE Spider-man book at the moment.

    Spider-man loves Mary Jane: It's cute, funny and not like all the other comicbooks out there. I love the teenage drama and McKeever's Mary Jane is the best I've seen in years.

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    1.Runaways-BKVís team is my favorite in all of the Marvel universe. People always say how they like Marvel since the characters are real and I find these to be the most relatable. The book is always worth the trip to the comic shop(which is far for me).

    2.Daredevil-Iím actually enjoying Brubakerís writing more than Bendisís. The first arc was a great start and the next one is Daredevil in Europe which sounds like a lot of fun.

    3.Ultimates 2-Always has great action scenes and amazing art even if the plot is sometimes sub par.

    4.Astonishing X-Men-Awesome dialogue and great art though I think Cassaday is better on Planetary.

    5.Young Avengers-This is always a good read, but it has an odd shipping schedule that is why it is lower on the list.

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    1] X-Men
    2] New X-Men
    3] Civil war & Frontline
    4] Thunderbolts
    5] Uncanny X-Men

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    1. Cable and Deadpool
    2. Thunderbolts
    3. X-Men
    4. Friendly Neighborhood Spider-man
    5. Uncanny X-Men

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    Young Avengers
    If Heinberg can make a walking anachronism (Kang) interesting, if Heinberg can take a wacky idea (Wanda's and Vision's children) and make it into something awesome. If Heinberg can play with continuity and not disregard it because of laziness - then yes, this series earned the rime spot.
    And Jim Cheung is the icing on the cake. I'm a fan of his every since I saw his art on Force Works.

    New enemies. No "Oh the humans hate us" stories and... well... CHRIS BACHALO!!!

    Brubaker. Lark. Nuff said.

    A book that NEVER EVER "jumped the shark".

    Sensational Spider-Man
    The best core book right now!
    Klatuu... barada *cough* *cough*

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    Right now:

    X-Factor: PAD is amazing. He's assembled a great cast of characters, and he's using them well. Each team member has a distinct personality and voice. Plus, the humor is a great change of pace from the grim stuff of other books.

    X-Men: Carey revistalized this book, and injected Rogue with some of her old spunk. Of course, it didn't hurt that he used my all time favorite character (Northstar) in a guest spot.

    Civil War: I unabashedly love it--the struggle between ideologies that leads friends to stand on opposite sides, Captain America leading a devoted but mostly street-level bunch of heroes, Tony's questionable morality. I love it.

    Astonishing X-Men: Great art, great dialogue. Whedon's stories are hit or miss, but lately they've been hitting with me.

    Young Avengers: Great cast of characters--Cassie, Billy, Teddy, Tommy, etc. The book is well-crafted, and it treats the characters with respect. It doesn't rely on shock-value storytelling, and it's not gloom and doom.

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    In no particular order

    Thunderbolts - Classic Marvel storytelling at it's finest. This book reminds me of the best team books of the 80's. Nicieza's writing is dense, with multiple running subplots and a nice mix of character and action.

    Young Avengers - A book that embraces Avengers continuity, and tells interesting and accessible stories at the same time. This book gives me my semi-regular dose of Avengers, and offsets my dislike of New Avengers.

    Captain America - Brubaker is creating a superhero espionage classic here. It's been years since Cap was this entertaining.

    Daredevil - As much as I enjoyed Bendis' run, Brubaker's few issues have really blown me away. Lark is one of the best artists in the industry right now. I can see great things emerging from this run.

    Excalibur - I'm a Claremont fan, and Captain Britain is one of my favourite characters. The book has faltered a little without Claremont, but his iminent return should get things back on track.

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    Very tough. Marvel is just so consistently good right now. My top 5 ongoings (gets me out of having to include limited series) are:

    1) Mike Carey's X-Men -- This is every bit as good as I hoped it would be.

    2) Astonishing X-men -- I'm not a Whedon fan -- never got into Buffy, didn't get Serenity. But this is good stuff.

    3) New Avengers -- I know I'm in the minority on this one, but I really enjoy where Bendis has taken this team.

    4) Uncanny X-Men -- Brubaker is crafting a top notch tale.

    5) NextWAVE - Deviant goodness.


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