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    [May 2nd, 2012] After a few months off, MARVEL OMEGA PRESENTS is back and ready with a full slate of stories to keep it going for a few months more! Bolstered by a new five-part Speedball story and featuring more from the European Defense Initiative, Academy X, and the telepathic reporter called Stringer, what more could you ask for in bite-sized pieces? After you read, join in on the discussion on the forum!

    Marvel Omega Presents #5 - Various: In Ed Ainsworth's "European Defense Initiative," watch Brian Braddock's reaction to his old Captain Britain identity being taken on by someone else! Dale Glaser's Speedball story takes the character on a "Fieldtrip From Hell!" Hunter Lambright's "Decadence" follows Academy X student Armor into the mountains of southern California and the secret danger they hold! Then follow Stringer into a mystery as old as the Marvel Omega universe in Lambright's "Classified!"

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    [May 3rd, 2012] Down on your luck? Break even or try your luck with a new issue of Aaron Stanley's DOMINO, and when you're done as always, hit up the forum to join in the discussion!

    Domino #13 - The Butterfly Killer Part 3: Domino and her team are closing in on the identity of the mysterious Butterfly Killer, a serial killer whose targets are young mutants with wing-based mutations! Will they be able to take the killer down before another mutant dies? And when they finally catch him, will the pieces fall into place, or will it all seem just a little too easy? The mystery continues here, by Aaron Stanley!

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    [May 4th, 2012] Gavin Devlin makes his first appearance in this string of daily updates with the next issue of a fan-favorite series, S.H.I.E.L.D.! With symbiotes galore, how can you say no? Say yes by heading to the forum to give him some feedback!

    S.H.I.E.L.D. #4 - In Girum Imus Nocte Et Consumimur Igni: It's time to see how well-trained these operatives are as S.H.I.E.L.D. breaks into symbiote chaos! Will Mikel Fury be able to make the hard call when the time comes? Plus, the S.H.I.E.L.D. you know from issue one won't be the same by the time we reach the end of this set of stories. Who will stay and who will go? You can only find out here, as told by Gavin Devlin!

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    [May 5th, 2012] Justin Santos returns with a new issue of his original book at the site--and the next issue of the "Wasp Dominion" crossover!

    Araña: Heart of the Spider #6 - Wasp Dominion Part 3: An army of wasp drones has descended on New York City! Will Anya and her pals be able to stop them, or will they be too busy fighting off insects and arachnids alike to save the day? Plus, our heroine gets a surprise visitation from the person she least expected to see--but who? Find out in the middle chapter of "Wasp Dominion," brought to you by Justin Santos!

    [May 6th, 2012] Brian Hamilton is one of our newer writers, and where yesterday's issue focused on teenage heroes, Brian has taken a liking to the darker side of the teenage years. Maybe that's why he's so good at writing YOUNG MASTERS!

    Young Masters #4 - Young and Reckless Part 4: Our favorite teenage miscreants may have found themselves in the middle of a fight they can't win! With Hardball, Ember, and Red Ronin stuck facing off against Deadly Delilah and a swarm of armed guards, will they be able to rescue the teenage superhuman they came for, or will they be forced to walk away empty-handed? Find out as "Young and Reckless" continues, by Brian Hamilton!

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    [May 7th, 2012] FORCE WORKS returns from Hunter Lambright and Dino Pollard in this update and brings with it a new team member in a story that could only be called "Atlas Shrugged!"

    Force Works #13 - Atlas Shrugged: After kicking 3-D Man off the team last issue, G.W. Bridge is in need of a replacement for him, and he thinks he knows just where to find him--in Wisconsin?! But when this replacement makes one of his conditions that they go to the Darkforce Dimension first, will it be too big a pill for Bridge to swallow? Plus, Nick Fury's counter-Force Works group gets a new member, but who? Find out here, presented by Hunter Lambright and Dino Pollard!

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    [May 8th, 2012] The existence of LIBERTY WORLDWIDE is meant to catapult LIBERTY LEGION into its next era, and if that's the case, Desmond Reddick is doing a great job of it! With mystery, intrigue, and crazy super-battles between heroes and villains that we haven't seen in years, what's not to love?

    Liberty Worldwide #4 - In A Glass Cage: The streets of New York City can be a dangerous place to be--especially if you're a super-villain on the streets patrolled by Rage and Zero-G! But what happens when the pair is confronted by someone that is no villain? Can they bring themselves to put him down? All of this, plus a Nazi foe! The craziness continues here as the lines are drawn in the penultimate issue of this miniseries by Desmond Reddick!

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    [May 9th, 2012] Dale Glaser uses Hulk Month to give A.R.M.O.R. a gamma-powered twist of an issue!

    A.R.M.O.R. - H.O.U.N.S.K.U.L.L. - Hell Is Green: What is H.O.U.N.S.K.U.L.L. and who is its mysterious head? Find out as they travel to a world with a gamma-powered twist! To say any more would give it all away! A new mystery in A.R.M.O.R. starts here, by Dale Glaser!

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    [May 10th, 2012] We have a brand-new issue of SECRET WARRIORS as well as a new interview up with the book's writer, Wesley Overhults!

    Secret Warriors #9 - Trickle Down: The focus is on Wipeout as he gets a new mission--track down Excavator! The shovel-wielding son of one of the Wrecking Crew has been in and out of prisons ever since he left Xavier's school and Quake wants him brought back in! Will Wipeout be able to handle the mision? Get into the head of one of the brand-new Secret Warriors here, by Wesley Overhults!

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    [May 11th, 2012] The secrets keep coming as Dino Pollard takes us to New Mexico in SECRET AVENGERS!

    Secret Avengers #7 - Dreamland Part 1: A covert operation inside Area 51 leads to Nomad making a decision that the entire team may come to regret! Will they choose to destabilize Control at the risk of the lives of those in the facility and their exposure to the world? Plus, Ant-Man throws down with...White Tiger? Find out why in the start of a brand-new arc, brought to you by Dino Pollard!

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    [May 12th, 2012] Curt Fernlund brings back the adventures of everyone's favorite bloodsucker--Dracula!

    Giant-Size Tomb of Dracula - The Show Must Go On!: Traveling with a circus across Europe, Vladimir is taken aback when he finds out that his master is none other than Dracula himself! Follow the circus as they travel the countryside from town to town, cloaked in shadow and mystery alike! And what's going on with Vladimir himself? Find out just how much blood Curt Fernlund can shed in today's GIANT-SIZE issue!

    [May 13th, 2012] The web-slinging action comes back in our daily updates today!

    Amazing Spider-Man #18 - A Goblin's Tale: The new Hobgoblin has been a thorn in Peter Parker's side for the last few months, but just who is he under the mask? And with Peter halfway across the country, who will be there to stop his reign of terror? Plus, a member of the supporting cast gets the worst kind of news! Find out just how bad it can get here, as told by Tobias Christopher!

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    [May 14th, 2012] If you didn't get enough Spidey yesterday, check out his supporting character, BLACK CAT, as she jumps back into her own book!

    Black Cat #6 - Isla del Encanto Part 1: Justin Santos continues weaving his insect- and arachnid-themed epic as he takes over the reins of Black Cat! With Felicia in New York, will she be able to escape the clutches of the Tribe of the Scorpion, especially when Mac Gargan gets some major upgrades? See just how bad it can get as Santos starts his run on the series!

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    [May 15th, 2012] Jumping back to Hulk Month-related issues, Ed Ainsworth and Dino Pollard bring us two new issues of DEFENDERS, one of which reveals the identity of the Red Hulk!

    Defenders #16 - Fear and Payne Part 2: Faced with the living embodiment of Sorrow, will the Defenders stand or fall? Plus, the Defenders uncover a plot to implant demons among humans on Earth! When they find out who's behind it, will they be able to stop the dominoes that lead toward full-on Armageddon? Find out here, by Ed Ainsworth and Dino Pollard!

    Defenders 2012 Annual - Puny Gods: The Red Hulk gets creative to get his memory back--and when he does, all will be revealed! Who resides under the mass of red muscle and radiation? And when he does find out, who will the Red Hulk's first target be as he gets angry? The answers you've been looking for since the first issue are revealed, by Ed Ainsworth and Dino Pollard!

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    [May 16th, 2012] As our daily updates continue, welcome back our old friend John Walker in a new issue of USAGENT!

    USAgent #14 - Walkabouts Part 3: Subplots converge as the Watchdogs plan to strike when the heroes around USAgent are at their weakest! Will they succeed? Plus, in a style reminiscent of Peter David's "X-Aminations" story, Doctor Kafka spends time with each team member, and what they have to say will shock you! The twists keep coming from Clayton Tooley!

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    [May 17th, 2012] Hulk Month strikes back with a brand-new issue of X-Force that tackles some very Hulked-out threats!

    X-Force #6 - Threat Level Gamma: X-Force is called away from the troubles of attempting to start a school to the scene of a gamma-threat infiltration! Will they be able to stand against the Hulked-out legions of HYDRA or the powers of Gamma Corps Black, a special team gene-imprinted with the powers of the Hulk's greatest villains? Find out in this done-in-one by Hunter Lambright!

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    [May 18th, 2012] It wasn't quite weekly as planned, but come along for the ride with the final issue of LIBERTY WORLDWIDE as it spins back into LIBERTY LEGION!

    Liberty Worldwide #5 - Null Waffe: Micromax teams up with Omerta for the most one-sided banter session in the history of European super-heroics! What will they find the midst of Germany's Black Forest? Plus, the former Hauptmann Deutschland comes into contact with a figure whose history is intertwined his own! It all ends here, brought to you by Desmond Reddick!


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