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  1. Just Another Sheep #1 finishes up tomorrow!

    Tonight at Midnight JUST ANOTHER SHEEP (dot) com will post the final page of it's first issue (page 22 for those of you keeping count).


    Just Another Sheep is a 60's sci-fi webcomic that...
  2. Just Another Sheep (60's Sci-Fi web comic)


    The 60's greatest webcomic Just Another Sheep has a new page up, man.

    Also, starting in 2013 we are going twice weekly! Updating every Tuesday and Thursday!:eek:

    Tell your friends,...
  3. Replies

    Your new favorite webcomic!


    This week on JUST ANOTHER SHEEP:

    Banning ain't too good at making pals.

    Looking for a great read? Just Another Sheep updates tonight at midnight!

    It's a 60's sci-fi, adventure...
  4. Nitz, Right on! Thank you so much for the...


    Right on! Thank you so much for the kind words. Tell your friends spread the word :)

    -Mat, JD and Jon

    p.s. our dream is to end up on Image or Dark Horse
  5. Just Another Sheep- NEW PAGES!

    JUST ANOTHER SHEEP: The 60’s coolest, sci-fi, possibly post-apocalyptic, adventure webcomic updated today!
  6. Just Another Sheep (New Webcomic)


    In 1967, a teen poet has the ability to make any one feel what he’s felt– literally! JUST ANOTHER SHEEP is the story of Banning, the powerful poet...
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