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    Darryl Banks Newest Gig!

    Hey Everyone. JAM here, wanted to update everyone on a new Book we might be collaborating with Darryl Banks on. He has agreed to do a variant or pinup for our new Book Only Human. We just have to...
  2. Help Us Decide on an Inker/Toner for our new Comic Book - Only Human

    Hello Comic Fans!

    We just kicked off our indie go go campaign and have a creative team comprising of

    Creator/Story Me (JAM)
    Pencils/Art (Dan Gorman of Fem Force, Mac and Trouble, and National...
  3. Artists Wanted - Supporting a Great Cause - Hero Initiative - CBLDF - Help for Heroes

    Wanted Artists looking to contribute to a great campaign. You can submit a sketch card, you can be the lead inker or toner, you decide.

    A bit about the project.

    My name is Joe and I have...
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