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    DC vs Marvel: WWE

    The heroes and villains of Marvel and DC comics step into the professional wrestling circuit. But this isn't just about Superman reversing time and stopping Doom's shuttle from making it to the...
  2. I'd like to bring this up for laughs. [url]...

    I'd like to bring this up for laughs.

  3. Gabriel Belmont (Lord of Shadows 2) vs Alucard (Hellsing Ultimate)

    For this battle, they are in Khazan, and Alucard can't release Level 0 (Integra isn't here).

    To stay on the safe side, he's fighting endgame Dracula (or Dracula before the powerdrain I suppose)....
  4. Melinda May and Grant Ward (Agents of SHIELD) vs Black Widow (Movieverse)

    What it says up top.

    Can they tag te... can they take her down if they work together?
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    Your Chosen Undead vs Your Undead Hero

    The player characters of Dark Souls 1 and 2 battle in Khazan. Their abilities and equipment are based off your current player build.

    For a less indulgent rumble, compare the protagonists of each...
  6. A Certain Magical Vampire Slayer (Touma Kamijo and Buffy Summers switch places)

    Touma becomes the Slayer, facing the demons that invade Sunnydale.

    Buffy moves into Academy City, and meets Index, becoming focused on helping her.

    Their powers remain the same, however.
  7. Using the show. 1. Well... Leon jumped on top...

    Using the show.

    1. Well... Leon jumped on top of a giant creature with a knife... this seems impractical, but game mechanics work so that his knife can actually cause significant damage to its...
  8. Thread: Stark v. Wayne

    by Kamina

    Game of Thrones is on my to-do-list after...

    Game of Thrones is on my to-do-list after Breaking Bad, Buffy, a rewatch of the first 5 seasons of Dexter, Fringe... Dark Souls, Skyrim... things.

    I should have been more clear on this, but...
  9. Thread: Button Button

    by Kamina

    Wouldn't Batman just throw the button away? He'd...

    Wouldn't Batman just throw the button away? He'd never believe that.

    What Twilight Zone reference is this?
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    Cyborg breaks into the Iron-Penthouse.

    New 52 (or what have you) Cyborg busts into the Iron Penthouse, otherwise known as Stark Towers, intent on demanding that Tony Stark "check his privilege" and admit that cyborgs are superior to...
  11. Thread: Stark v. Wayne

    by Kamina

    Stark v. Wayne

    You are about to enter the court room of Judge Alexander Luthor. The people are real. The cases are real. The rulings are final. This... is Judge Luthor.


    Tony Stark sues Wayne Industries for...
  12. ...moreso than making a super bulletproof alien...

    ...moreso than making a super bulletproof alien from another planet that can defy gravity his arch-enemy?
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    Reed Richards vs The Mangaverse

    Reed is thrown on a Doctor Who/Sliders-esque journey across multiple manga-based universes. He can't return until he's optimized things, whether that means eliminating crime, eliminating the...
  14. Lex Luthor plots to assassinate Doctor Doom.

    Luthor plans to invade Latveria and kill its monarch. Can he succeed?
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    Since Justice League Unlimited keeps getting...

    Since Justice League Unlimited keeps getting referenced, I think this is Luthor's finest moment.


    Did Luthor solve the anti-life equation? I thought he just went to the Source Wall and sort of...
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    My angel would be Optimus Prime, and my devil...

    My angel would be Optimus Prime, and my devil would be Harvey, the neuroclone from Farscape.
  17. Dexter Morgan, Miami Blood Spatter, vs Chris Hansen from NBC

    Tonight's the night. And it's going to happen, again and again. Has to happen. Needs to ha-

    Wait, what's this?

    "Hello. I'm Chris Hansen. Have a seat."


    Dexter poses as a child molester...
  18. World Without Alcohol vs World Without Smokes Or Drugs

    In one hand, you have a world where the concept of liquor, inebriation, was never completed. Wineries are never built. The concept of an alcoholic was lambasted and immediately acted upon, and...
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    Eren Jaegar vs Kirito

    The main characters of Attack on Titan and Sword Art Online duel it out.

    Which protagonist takes the victory?
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    Weakest to "easily" solo Lordran

    They must walk the path of the Chosen Undead, spawning in the Undead Asylum.

    They can take either ending based on their own personal alignment.

    But they must simply walk into Lordran (ie - not...
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    Cell Saga Z-Fighters vs Giant Mecha

    Goku, Gohan, Vegeta, Trunks, Piccolo, and Krillin are challenged by a horde of giant mecha. The Z-Fighters face each mecha individually.

    What's the strongest mecha they can take down?
  22. Kamehameha Wave vs Kryptonian Eyebeams: Distance

    Which destructive burst of energy has reached a further, on-screen distance?
  23. Vandal Savage and Ra's Al Ghul versus Classic Count Dracula

    Savage and Ra's combine their efforts to understand the nature of Dracula's immortality and track him to Transylvania. The Count is more than willing to have them for dinner. Each of them are...
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    If you're still reading these, I'll put another...

    If you're still reading these, I'll put another one in for Big O if you like noir, and I'd also add the Zoids series.

    Starting with Zoids Chaotic Century, which is only about 67 episodes long....
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    He's not aiming to destroy them utterly; he wants...

    He's not aiming to destroy them utterly; he wants mankind to go to sleep with him. In that case, he wins (in whatever way the Eternal Tsukuyomi is supposed to function). Otherwise, he's never going...
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