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  1. Order Tales of Fear #1 in the Current Previews

    Don't want you to miss out: Tales of Fear #1 is ONLY available in February 2013's Previews comic book catalog, under Aazurn Publishing, at your local or online comic shop.

    Tales of Fear #1 is...
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    FREE POSTER: Tales of Fear #1

    You guys want a free, print resolution, 11 x 17, full color poster from Aazurn Publishing's Tales of Fear #1? Download it here.

    Order Tales of Fear #1 in...
  3. DC superhero writing seems to be controlled by...

    DC superhero writing seems to be controlled by committee, the marketing department trying to force me to buy more books with less quality content. The previous material was so exceptional I'm liable...
  4. I talked to John Constantine last night

    I'm not in the habit of dreaming about comic book characters, but I talked to John Constantine last night.

    I've been feeling down that a story I've been following for half my life will be handed...
  5. Tales of Fear #1 Comic Preview Video, includes free music download!

    Hi, everybody! Watch the Tales of Fear #1 Preview Video at Follow the link at the end of the video preview and Star Destroyer will give you their entire digital album...
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    Thanks for the reminder to order this book! I...

    Thanks for the reminder to order this book!

    I usually don't like other people writing classic strips I enjoy, but talked to Ken Wheaton at a convention and he convinced me it's not the goofy...
  7. I remember a Mars Attacks book by Keith Giffen in...

    I remember a Mars Attacks book by Keith Giffen in the '90s that was excellent storytelling. That's what happens with Giffen -- either he's brilliant or you're disappointed you spent the money on his...
  8. Video preview up for Indie Comics Magazine

    In case you haven't seen it, a video preview is up for the Indie Comics Magazine's Summer Issue, in June's Previews now under Aazurn Publishing. Music by the appropriately indie Four Finger Five....
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    Indie Comics Magazine marketing worked

    Well, Augie, "no huge overprint, no digital version and no back issue sales" is working for Indie Comics Magazine just fine! We handily surpassed Diamond's minimums with #1 and #2. Neighborhood and...
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    February's Previews for ICM#2

    February's Previews at local comic shops is the ONLY way comic readers can get Indie Comics Magazine #2. Look under Aazurn Publishing.
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    Indie Comics Magazine ONLY in comic shops

    Thanks for the enthusiasm! We have done-in-one stories, 7 of them in Indie Comics Magazine #2. A good chunk of entertainment.

    The ONLY way to get Indie Comics Magazine is to preorder from...
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