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Kenji Uedo,

Sarcastic , Cannibalism, Nice powers.

Zero (Kenji Uedo) is a fictional comic book superhero appearing in books published by Marvel Comics. The character first appeared in Generation Hope #1, in the final chapter of the "Five Lights" storyline, and the first storyline of the Generation Hope book. He was created by Matt Fraction and Kieron Gillen, and is one of the "Five Lights"—a group of mutants who manifested their abilities after the events of "Second Coming".
Powers and abilities

Kenji has the power of techno-organic creation and manipulation. His abilities are as unique and abstract as his art, and allow him to do numerous different things. He has demonstrated the ability to produce and control organic matter in a variety of shapes and sizes, from multiple tendrils to a small, spider-like drone[5] to a large "monster movie"-esque creature.[7] However, Zero created the "movie monster" after losing control of his powers, and it is unclear if he would be able to create a construct as large and complex while remaining in control. Zero is able to hook his tendrils or other constructs into other people to communitcate telepathic messages or images.[6] He also has some limited resistance to telepathy, and is able to share this resistance with others by attaching one of his tendrils to them.[8]

Though Zero's hands were lost to his powers when they manifested, he believes that he doesn't truly need them to create art or do everyday things. Instead, he can use his powers to create organic art, and his tendrils have been able to do things as precise as holding a gun.[11] Theoretically, he could potentially create "hands" using his power if he wanted to. He can also produce a black, ink-like liquid, with which he can write messages or draw

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Anyone want some burgers?

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Anyone want some burgers?

Only if the cook's Warlock instead of Kenji.......:wink: :biggrin: