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11-19-2011, 02:10 PM
Now I know I have been trying to work on my inane questions thing, but this is far from inane because I am trying to resolve a personal issue of mine that I need to finish that happened since before my passion for comics got serious. I need help from anyone who has experience in pshyhology (spelling?), brain function, and memory regain, and since this is a mixed bunch coming here with people from a lot of backgrounds participating in these forums, I am very likely guaranteed to find someone who can help. Also, as a side note, if anyone has downloaded the Mortal Kombat on Crack videos from Youtube somehow, please attach it to a reply so I can have it. I am merely asking because again, they were just so greatly funny.

Now, I will need some help to find out how to bring memories exactly the way I remembered them from a mindset of mine in 2009 when my 2 year OCD, a compulsion of mine I was doing that I can only remember involving standing in one place and keeping my eyes closed, was actually happening before I opened my eyes and went out of that place. I need to know what I was suppossed to do physically and what I was supposed to think in that situation exactly as it happened in 2009. I must also remember what I was supposed to do after that for the second of my two 2009 compulsions, which involved mainly trying to think of a memory from before 2009 pertaining to Liu Kang, the main character of Mortal Kombat, so my perception of him would remain the same as before the first of my two 2009 compulsion happened and I would see him as the same character I knew when I first got to know him. The first of my two 2009 compulsions was about Mortal Kombat being the same character I knew when I first got to know it. Since I need to remember compulsions I was doing as well as memories and how to do the compulsions, I will need to return the urgency of these compulsions and the feelings I got when I was supposed to do them. What I mean by feelings is how I was emotionally feeling during those times, how I was supposed to do the compulsions as I thought they were supposed to be done would make me be finished with them with confidence (which was my confidence in how the way I was supposed to do my compulsions then would work), and the assurance that the results would come as well as the feelings for this outcome. When I would do all this and finish the compulsions I was supposed to do, the feeling which I felt after doing the first of my two 2009 compulsions would come and I would be able to get the Age out of it's hiatus. I know this actually may not make much sense, but I will tell you, I will try to explain this as best as I can because I know exactly what it means. The hiatus of the Age clearly means it is not feeling like it is happening to me anymore because I am not really spending as much time on martial arts than I should be. The Age is a time starting in early 2007 when I first saw Liu Kang in Mortal Kombat Armageddon in a trailer on Youtube and progressing into today but under the hiatus I told you about which, again, means that I don't feel is happening anymore. I know it is still happening because I still remember something out of what I learned in martial arts during the Age and I can still get back everything I may have forgotten that I learned from this time. When I reclaim the memories of my mindset from the time I was doing the two year OCD before I messed up along with the memories of the second of my two 2009 compulsion involving what I was supposed to do for that compulsion after finishing my two year OCD and do everything I am supposed to the right way, I will be able to stop doubting that Liu Kang is the same character I knew when I first got to know him, understand with confidence that Liu Kang really is the same character I knew when I first got to know him with the same perception of him from before the first of my two 2009 compulsions started, get the Age out of it's hiatus and continue the Age from where it left off.

So why do all this? This is a very simple and understandable answer: I was so happy during this time. I was so involved with martial arts and bonded so well with martial arts that martial arts was as much a part of my life as my happiness. In fact, they were, a huge factor in my life. I was looking up martial arts styles, playing martial arts video games, practicing martial arts in Glendale Fighting Club in Glendale, CA, and even practicing martial arts using legally downloaded videos from a website called Videowaza which I would give anything to see again. Aside from this, I was going to so many places like Las Vegas, a hotel near a beach, an Indian resort and casino, a hotel near a beach with great food, Silver Ranch, and Muligans. I had so many memorable experiences like getting introduced to chicken fried steak and riding horses and Silver Ranch, building a bridge from the sand at the hotel near the beach, and going to the gold course, boats, arcades, and go carts at Muligans along with one of the kids there saying he was going to win a race there which I liked to listen to. I also went to a baseball bat area where I hit baseballs there with my sister too. Other memories I can remember is watching the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games at the Indian resort and casino and Silver Ranch, and playing a lot of video games, eating a lot of food, and swimming at Las Vegas. These were happy times and I really want to go through more times like these in the Age. If all this sounds crazy, then just remember, I know exactly what I am talking about. If you don't understand, then I suggest you read what you don't understand again until you get it. This is basically trying to help someone get a period of his life still happening that was so happy back into function and happiness again. So please answer soon, and I will gladly answer back and thank you. This is something I have worked so hard on, and I don' want any mess ups. Thank you. :)

11-19-2011, 02:23 PM
is this what you're looking for?

i have a cousin that have ocd's, and i have seen him do this kind of thing, so i have to ask (and please, don't get me wrong): are you sure the kind of help you'e looking for, whatever it might be, will be available on a comic forum?

11-19-2011, 03:56 PM
I'm going to leave aside the OCD thing since I have no psychological qualifications and go straight to the martial arts. I suggest for the OCD thing you consult with someone qualified to provide you with advice on it. And with all due respect, I don't think you will find that person on a message board devoted to comic books.

As for the martial arts, my advice is this: Martial arts is a process, not a goal. With practice and commitment you can attain a high level of skill, but there is no such thing as perfection. If you want to recapture the happiness that martial arts brought to you in the past, just start practicing again. On your own, or join a local school. Your body will remember a great deal that your mind has forgotten.

But it won't be exactly the same as it was before. You can never step into the same river twice. The water will always flow past you.

Also, I reccommend staying away from Videowaza. I tried to go there to see what it was all about and it triggered every single spam and malware filter I have. So the site has obviously changed since you last visited it.

11-19-2011, 04:18 PM
Memories are stuff you tell yourself, only some of it is true.
If you tell yourself life sucks compared to the past that's what your brain will serve you.

Want to be happy in the present?
Be happy with your present self.