View Full Version : WANTED! -Upper deck VS cards drawn by STUART SAYGER

Stuart Sayger
08-14-2010, 05:37 AM
Hey there everyone... This is a strange request, but I'm looking to pick up MANY copes of some of the VS cards that I drew... Below is a list of the cards that I'm looking for... If you have any of these cards I'd be happy to buy the cards at market value or trade them for some of my comics, prints, etc... All I ask is that you stop by my booth at either Wizard World Chicago next week or the Baltimore Comicon the following week with your extra cards in hand!...We can take care of business on the spot!
( Or if you prefer to keep your cards in your collection, don't be bashful about coming by my booth and asking me to sign them for your own enjoyment!)

The cards im looking for are:

GAME SET-------------------CARD NAME --------------CARD NUMBER
Green Lantern Corps ----------- Superman, Returned----------- #142
Infinite Crisis ---------------- Talia, Beloved Betrayer----------- #138
Infinite Crisis --------------------- Deflection ------------------#188
Justice League ---------------- Recharge the Sun-------------- #200
DC World's Finest -- Dick Grayson - Nightwing, Rough Justice -----#082
DC Comics Legends ------------ Fearless ------------------------#047
DC Comics Legends ------------ Batman ------------------------#005
Marvel Team-Up ----------- Death's Embrace-------------------- #162

I'd happily take up to 25 of each of these cards... and up to 100 of "DEFLECTION"! If you have more than you know what to do with, bring 'em to me and lets make a deal!

Thanks for much for the help!