View Full Version : The Rise of Pelea

09-12-2009, 09:44 PM
It seems so natural to me ...

What is Diana's motivation right now?

To make herself a family, a sisterhood, a nation, to compensate for what she's just given up.

What is Diana's situation?

She's just sworn herself to service to the goddess of violence and vulcanism.

What is the scariest big real-world problem of our day? The one that stands to us as World War II stood to WW's first readership?

Why, it's global warming. Which is actually threatening island communities with shore erosion, storms and even submergence -- to the point where some, like Vanuatu, I believe, are buying land elsewhere to resettle. These are Pele's own Polynesian people. Then there are threatened coastal communities, in Bangladesh for instance. In real life, we may yet be seeing refugees in the hundreds of thousands.

Well. This is a televised announcement by Wonder Woman: Please evacuate all shipping from the following areas of the Pacific, for the next seven days. There will be severe seismic distrubances.

And ... ka-blam! Right along the volcanic Ring of Fire, down the west Pacific, new islands burst from the sea. Say 100,000 square miles, 20 miles of shoreline. Volcanically fertilized soil, monsoon rains, ready for anything to grow, and for any number of the homeless to settle. New cast members, dozens of new stories.

I tell ya, guys. The change I'm looking to see in the new, nobody's-pawn Diana, is that she doesn't do things by halves.