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03-10-2009, 10:40 AM
I am the artist of a comic entitled "The Plaid Avenger". The comic is actually written by a Virginia Tech World Geography Professor, believe it or not, even though it is a bit racy and humorous.

The basic concept is that Plaid Avenger is an international fighter for freedom. He is a college professor by day, but by night roams the planet to fight international injustices and solve instances of international intrigue. To protect his powers as an ace crime fighter, his true identity must be kept a secret…and the university that serves as his home base/crime lab must never be divulged. The most unique component of this character as a comic book star is that he also has an active blog/podcast at www.plaidavenger.com. This may be the first fictional comic hero that simultaneously has a real world presence.

You can order the comic at the following website:


If you don't think you want to own the comic and would like to just check it out, please visit my deviant art page where the comic is posted!:


Thanks guys, please let me know your thoughts on the comic.