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08-26-2008, 04:00 PM
August/September 2008 Quarterly News

New This Quarter

Crazy Asian Girl by Lonnie Allen, John Peters, and Paul Niemiec - Cagi isn't your typical Asian teenager: she's underachieving, angry and mischievous. After being grounded, Cagi sneaks out of the house -- will our town survive? (c) 2008 Lonnie Allen, published by Gypsygirl Press. General. 30 page, b&w saddle-stitched digest, $3.00 US.

2nd Place, Vol. 2, No. 1 by Will Barnes - Collects various stories: Should one really aspire to be a superhero? What if you were a hero who wasn't super, powerful, or even heroic? Questions and doubts don't stop the Masked Marvel! He grapples with heroism and the quest to find an enemy in the big, wide, mundane, and complicated world of Denver Colorado. Jodi Baja is above all else (and underneath a decidedly updated facade) a classic, hardboiled, noir detective -- one who's enmeshed in the undercurrents, twists and turns of a diverse, progressive, downtown neighborhood. General. 24 page, b&w saddle-stitched comic, color cover, $3.00 US.

Limbus #2 by Andy Glass - Another Journey into the unconscious, written and drawn by Andy Glass - Highly charged characters tell a metaphoric tale of one man's journey into the world within our own minds. Is it all just a dream or something more? Mature. 24 page, b&w saddle-stitched comic, color cover, $3.00 US.

True Fiction #7 by T. Motley - “Ink Mathematics” is the subtitle of this substantial collection of short pieces featuring hidden pictures, alphabet rhymes, and all sorts of whimsical formal experiments. Includes a free pull-out poster. Mature (contains beautiful nudity). 24 page, b&w saddle-stitched digest, color cover, $4.00 US

Potlatch #7 Anthology - The latest installment of this Angry Dog Press publication includes the first six The Wang comic strips from the Squid Works' own Stan Yan. Other contributors include Chad Lambert, Cal Slayton, Joanne Mutch, Brad Foster, Kel Crum, Ron LeBrasseur, Lou Copeland, David Racine, Venes Alic, Sash Geleman and Steve Noppenberger. Mature. 59 page, b&w comic, color square bound cover, $5.95 US

Gypsy! Everything’s Coming Up Rose by John Peters – UPDATE: Sorry, we’ve been informed that your Diamond pre-orders have been cancelled. Please order direct from us.

24 Hour Comics People, the 608-page anthology is now available via the ComiXpress website and for FREE download from Wowio!


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Reviews and News This Quarter

The Wang by Stan Yan
• 7/08 "...if you know what a glory hole is then you should be reading this comic." ~ Justin Maudslien, Sub-Human

7/08 Interview with Stan Yan on Fanboy Faceoff

Read the complete reviews and news at www.squidworks.com/reviews.html (http://www.squidworks.com/reviews.html)

Free Webcomics

Raunchy Limerick Favorites by T. Motley - As a side project, Mot has been illustrating his favorite dirty limericks. He'll post more of them now and then. Adult Only.

Craig Gassen’s Webcomics – Craig has reanimated his 24 Hour Comic Offering, Zombie Love. Mature.

Read more webcomics at www.squidworks.com/online.html (http://www.squidworks.com/online.html)

Upcoming Events

Squid Works at NDK – September 12th – 14th at the Marriott DTC Craig Gassen, Tanya Higgins Ozzy Longoria (tentative), Josh Mills, Michael O'Keefe, John Peters, Chris Salas, Al Steffen and Stan Yan are scheduled to appear and participate in panel programming.

Squid Works Meeting - Sunday, October 12th from 1 - 4 pm, there's a Squid Works meeting scheduled at Enchanted Grounds at 8800 S. Colorado Blvd. in Highlands Ranch. 303-470-1010.

The Denver 5th Annual 24-Hour Comic Book Challenge - October 18 - 19th at Enchanted Grounds! - Saturday, October 18, 2007, from 2 pm to 2 pm, Squid Works Comics will once again be coordinating the annual Denver 24 Hour Comic Book Day Challenge at Enchanted Grounds at 8800 South Colorado Boulevard in Highlands Ranch. We're now looking for sponsors!

More event information and updates can be found at www.squidworks.com/events.html (http://www.squidworks.com/events.html)

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