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04-17-2008, 04:22 AM
just got the new supergirl and LOSH trade today. First of all, great work, nice arc. I'm a sucker for stories where Brainiac 5 wipes the floor with everyone in sight without leaving his lab. i also like his note that he and cosmic boy aren't enemies, but complimentary opposites.

because I'm crazy, I noticed something on page 52 (in the trade. it's in the Lord of Lightning issue though, if that helps).

Querl pulls up a file with the ident 'NULNARLA" which is ALMOST an anagram for "Nura Nal" except there's an extra "L" involved there. What's the extra L stand for? Legion? Love? Livinginmyhead? if it's a typo that's fine! no biggie, i was just wondering!!

Also towards the end of the arc, was what you were implying there was that B5 was asking Imra to get out of his head because he wanted a romantic, kissy blahblah moment with Nura? Or did he just want her out of his head in general?

Thanks in advance!

Tony Bedard
04-18-2008, 05:30 AM
The extra L was a typo. I am, alas, only a first-level intellect (and sometimes not even that).

And Brainy just wanted Imra out because he doesn't cotton to trespassers.