View Full Version : Unable to post using Firefox

Paul Dee
09-06-2007, 10:23 AM
This is a really odd one.

Remember a few months ago when the forum went down for perhaps a day or two? Well after that I have not been able to post on here using Firefox. I can view the threads but the icons for 'new thread', 'post reply' etc aren't visible. I use another VBulletin forum and that still works fine, I have tried a different skin on here and it still doesn't work, I have even tried updating Firefox - nothing.

I can still post using IE but it's so inconvenient. Anyone have any ideas?

Brandon Hanvey
09-06-2007, 10:46 AM
Have you tried clearing your cache?

Paul Dee
09-06-2007, 11:04 AM
Just done it and it makes no difference. Thanks anyway though. Any other suggestions?

Brandon Hanvey
09-06-2007, 11:06 AM
Do you use any plug-ins or add-ons with Firefox? If so see if disabling them or uninstalling them helps.

Paul Dee
09-06-2007, 11:28 AM
figured it out! For some reason I had images down as being blocked from this forum, no idea why. Seemed really odd/coincidental that it happened after a big forum crash

Thanks for all the help Brandon - I really appreciate it