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Mike Smash!
06-21-2007, 03:22 PM
Welcome to another match of the 2007 JLAvengers League! The League is a large-scale series of battles—a tournament—where posters draft teams and pit their teams against that of other posters, and you vote to decide who wins. When voting, please consider the strategies the players have written, rather than just the team's roster.

Each match takes place in a different locale from the Marvel or DC Universe. The teams begin 100 yards away from each other. Each character is depicted as they were in the JLA/Avengers mini series (with few exceptions), and the characters have to act in character (meaning that the heroes cannot kill if they aren't normally wont to do so)

If you have any questions about the strategies, please feel free to post these questions here, and the players will answer. The match will last twenty-four hours. After that time period, the player with the largest number of votes wins.

This match takes place on the DCU's China. Or something, I don't even know anymore.

NOTE - For your vote to count, you must have a post count of no lower than fifty.

Dark Soul #7: The General (Eilling), Ronan the Accuser, Terra, Demitri/Dracula (Darkstalkers), Vector, Manchester Black and Quasar

Sean Whitmore & Jessica Drew: Electric Blue Superman, Exodus, Green Lantern (Kyle Rayner), The Mandarin, Blackbolt, Donna Troy, Sandman

Mike Smash!
06-21-2007, 03:24 PM
Dark Soul #7's strat:

Phase 1 (simultaneous actions)

Quasar: Immediately he sets up a spherical force field around himself, Terra, Manchester Black and the spear of destiny. Neither the soldiers nor the tanks should be able to put even a dent on it. If any energy attacks are used in attempt to break through the forcefield they will be absorbed. Similarly, Quasar will siphon away Superman's energies if the blue boy phases into the forcefield. Quasar will also attack Green Lantern with as many quantum constructs as possible. Should Kyle have his own force-field up Quasar will use a construct to drain away it's energies. It shouldn't be a problem since Quasar is often seen multi-tasking.

Manchester Black: Safe inside Quasar's bubble M.B can focus on one of the most powerful persons on the field, Exodus. M.B will go on a full frontal assault against the mutant. Exodus is possibly the more powerful of the two but this mental battle is solely to distract him from attacking anybody else telepathically, except for Quasar who is immune to that sort of attack.

Terra: She simply opens up the ground under Sandman’s feet and lets him fall into it, whereupon she will close it again. It might not permanently stop him, but it will take him out of the fight temporarily. Once done with that she will cause giant pillars to grow up underneath the tanks, toppling them and taking them more or less out of the entire thing.

Ronan: At the start of the fight he turns himself invisible so as not to be a direct target of the soldiers or the other team, worst-case scenario is that he gets hit by a stray bullet/blast/etc. But luckily he won't stay in one place for long. As soon as he has turned invisible he will teleport to the other team for a surprise attack, while remaining invisible, on Mandarin. Shattering the human villain's skull should be no problem, practically or morally, for the kree accuser. Once that is done he will, while still being invisible fly after Black Bolt and attack the Inhuman king with the most powerful blast he can get from his cosmic rod/hammer thing. Due to the surprise nature the attack should prove fatal to B.B.

Demitri/Dracula: If I've understood this guy's powerset and level he should be fast and durable enough to be able to counter any speedblitz done by Donna Troy and keep her occupied for the duration of the battle.

The General and Vector: Simple, they will attack Exodus together. The General pummels him into the ground and Vector blasts him with enough power to tear of Hulk's skin. The soldiers' bullets will do little more than annoy the General and Vector can use his powers to deflect them.

Phase 2 (immediately after phase 1)

Ronan: With Black Bolt out of the way he will focus his attention to Green Lantern and attack the hero with full force. Since G.L is busy with Quasar Ronan should be able to at least knock Kyle out.

Quasar: With G.L down Wendell can focus on Superman. Even if the big blue hasn't entered the force field Quasar can go after him and just leave the force sphere to itself, he is able to do this. When he engages Superman in battle he will drain away as much energy as needed to make sure that Supes can't continue to participate in this fight. Of course, being such a nice guy Wendell will then put Supes in a quantum bubble to make sure that no real harm comes to him from the soldiers.

Terra and Demitri/Dracula: Terra will now assist Demitri by restraining Donna Troy with the ground below them. Although Donna is powerful, fighting against a Superman level foe while bullets are probably raining all over them and the ground is attacking her should prove too much for her.

The General, Vector and Manchester Black: They just continue their combined assault on Exodus, not giving him any time to rest.

Final Phase
Everybody piles up on Exodus, should he still be conscious. Ronan and Demitri aids the General in pounding on the mutant. Terra uses the Earth to pull him down and Quasar traps his head an airtight bubble and then proceeds to hit him as hard as possible with quantum objects. Of course M.B continues the mental assault. Soon enough the mighty mutant will go down. If Sandman comes up again M.B will give him a mindscrew.

note: If the Chinese uses their nuclear weapon to end the fight at any time, Quasar will drag as many ass possible into the quantum sphere and he, Ronan, Manchester Black, Vector and Terra will use their combined powers to shield the team.

Mike Smash!
06-21-2007, 03:26 PM
Sean and Jessica's strat:

Opening Defensive Movies (simultaneous)

The Mandarin opens things up with a blast from his Black Light, casting pure blackness at the other team (his rings' effects are directional). The source of this darkness is the "darkforce", a form of energy that Quasar cannot simply absorb, and will have to struggle to overcome.

Green Lantern, Black Bolt, and Superman are prepared to create energy shields at a moment's notice to deflect any attacks. Sandman and Donna Troy keep watch for anyone who teleports or speeds over. Exodus casts mental shields among himself and his teammates, and meets and returns any attack from Manchester Black.

Round One Attacks

With the other team momentarily in darkness, our guys streak into action. Green Lantern tracks Quasar with his ring and plunges into the darkness after him, attacking construct with construct. All the while, his ring scans Quasar’s energy signature, (as he did to Terminus in the mini) the better to generate constructs that will bypass his energy absorption abilities, and even absorb Quasar’s energy himself.

Superman and Black Bolt streak towards Manchester Black with intense speed, zeroing in on his psychic energy. Both of these men have incredible mental defenses for non-telepaths, and with the added pressure of Exodus, Black should be unable to do much to them. Using their energy manipulation abilities, Superman and Black Bolt screw with the electrical impulses in Black’s brain, causing him to pass out. This is an entirely physical attack, not a mental one, so Black should have no defense, nor would he be protected by a telekinetic shield or the like.

Mandarin fires at the first opponent who clears the blackness field, using a specific ring depending on who emerges. Vector can be taken out with a simple Impact Beam. Demitri will get a blast of the Disintegration Beam, which will destroy the force field that protects him from the sun (and likely destroy him as well). Terra or Ronan will feel the Vortex Beam, knocking them off of their feet. And should the General emerge first, he uses the White Light beam to increase the monster’s gravity exponentially as he walks. Every step will sing the General further into the ground, and an attempt at jumping will drive him down up to his head.

Donna Troy and Sandman approach the edge of the darkness field and attack anyone who emerges after Mandarin’s foe.

With Exodus being as powerful a multi-tasker as he is, it’s quite possible for him to lend his aid if needed, and throw up a TK shield here or there to protect his teammates.

Round Two

Sandman and Donna may have taken some damage, outnumbered as they are, but it’s worth it to take Black down. Now Superman, Black Bolt, and Exodus are completely free. Mandarin ceases the darkforce field, and now everyone can see everyone else.

Black Bolt heads for Ronan. If the darkness field is still up at this point, Bolt will find him by honing in on his energy. The two are quite evenly matched, and their battle will remain a stalemate for a few moments. Speaking of stalemates, Kyle continues to keep Quasar’s attention away from aiding his own team or attacking ours.

If Vector is still up, Superman intercepts any blast he fires, absorbing the energy and returning it in the form of an electro-magnetic fist that will put him down for the count.

If he hasn’t already done so in Round One, Mandarin now hits the General with his White Light beam, sending him to the ground floor. Sandman lunges at the monster in sand form, pouring into his mouth, nostrils, ears, and eyes sockets, creating as much heat and friction insides the General’s face and body to blind him with pain.

With Exodus’ full attention free, he easily shields himself from any attack by Terra, and reduces any rocky constructs of hers to dust. He crosses the distance between them in moments and renders her unconscious with a quick psychic bolt.

Donna Troy takes the fight to Demitri, if he’s still alive. If he isn’t, she will assist anyone of her team that’s in danger, and if no one is, she’ll help Kyle battle Quasar.

Round Three

If Donna is unable to defeat Demitri, her great speed and agility will keep him occupied long enough for the Mandarin to destroy him with the Disintegration Beam (this is not a second use of the beam; if he’s using it now it means he didn’t use it earlier).

Superman joins Black Bolt in battling Ronan. He uses his electrical powers to short out Ronan’s armor and hammer, even if only temporarily, which leaves Ronan open to a beatdown that will result in him being rendered unconscious.

Exodus focuses his powers on the General, peeling his mind like an orange while simultaneously destroying his brain and internal organs with telekinesis. Even if the General has freed himself from his earthy prison and Sandman, he shouldn’t be able to offer much resistance.


I’d like to think Green Lantern is still active against Quasar at this point, but we’ll allow for the possibility that he’s not. And even if Sandman and Donna are likewise out, this still leaves all of our heavy hitters against Wendall. Mandarin lets loose with all of his non-energy based rings (Vortex, Ice, Matter Rearranger) and more Black Light. Superman and Black Bolt keep their distance, using their own energy absorption powers to absorb Quasar’s energy. Exodus pelts Quasar’s shields with everything his telekinesis can pick up and hurl (including Chinese tanks, or wherever the hell we are). If they are active, Donna will pound on his shields, and Sandman will look for the slightest crack to pour through and asphyxiate Quasar. When Wendall has finally tired enough to make a mistake, he is defeated, and we claim the Spear of whatever the hell it is for our side.

Mike Smash!
06-21-2007, 03:27 PM
aaaaand FIGHT!

Jared H.
06-21-2007, 03:36 PM
Gotta go for JD/SW here. Terra's move on Sadman won't do diddly(he swims through rock easily), and I don't think Ronan can one-shot-kill Black Bolt.

Also, Quasar has shown weakness to the Darkforce in the past. Mandarin's opening move screws him up hardcore.

06-21-2007, 09:59 PM
Dear lord, how in the hell did Sean and Jessica get so many friken powerfull people on their team? My god! Argg Sean why or why did you get a green lantern? Remember how much we haterd them in the DC league?

O well, this us a friken tough team to beat, sorry Dark Soul, but they just have you out gunned!

Kara Zor El
06-22-2007, 10:37 AM
Dear lord, how in the hell did Sean and Jessica get so many friken powerfull people on their team? My god! Argg Sean why or why did you get a green lantern? Remember how much we haterd them in the DC league?

O well, this us a friken tough team to beat, sorry Dark Soul, but they just have you out gunned!

You mean you aren't going to wait for him to have his say before you vote?:rolleyes: