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Paul Newell
06-13-2007, 01:08 AM
Well it looks like we have a similar situation to Infinite Crisis, where we have, apart from those labelled as Countdown tie-ins, many others which tie in "unofficially".
In order to avoid the usual confusion, I thought it'd be wise to start a list of issues from other titles that expand upon the weekly Countdown series.

Paul Newell
06-13-2007, 01:10 AM

Superman #665 - A retelling of how Superman met Jimmy Olsen.

Superman Confidential #8-9 – Recounts Superman’s first meetings with the New Gods.

Seven Soldiers – First appearance of the Dark Side Club.


52 #11 – A Monitor reveals himself to Donna Troy, informing her that she should be dead.

52 #25 – A monitor is revealed to be watching Nightwing

World War III #4 – The Monitors mention “the darkest hour” is coming

Brave New World - The Monitors are revealed to be watching current events with great interest, (First appearance).

Nightwing #125 – A Monitor confronts Nightwing

Ion #6-12 – The Monitors are watching Ion, informing him he should be dead. Captain Atom reveals that he is hiding in the Bleed to avoid the eyes of the Monitors. One Monitor attempts to kill Ion and Donna Troy in order to stop them from “being together”.

Stormwatch: PHD #5 – A Monitor may have been involved with saving several members of Stormwatch thought dead.


Trials of SHAZAM! #1 – Mary Marvel loses her powers while flying. She falls and is hospitalised, in a coma.

Uncle Sam & The Freedom Fighters #1-8 – Father Time mentions an upcoming time of conflict and disaster and how he manipulated Uncle Sam into forming the Freedom Fighters in order to combat it.

Black Adam - The Dark Age #1-6 – Follows Teth-Adam’s quest to regain his powers and bring Isis back to life.

*NOTE* Issues coloured black tie in, in some way. Titles in red are officially bannered as a tie-in.
If you have any suggestions, please PM me.

Blue Beetle #10-12 – Blue Beetle gets transported by a Mother Box to Devilance the Pursuers "hell" planet. He escapes with the help of Metron.

Supergirl #13-19 – Dark Angel tests Supergirl.

The Helmet of Fate – Dr. Fate’s helmet bounces through time & space.

Firestorm #33-35 – Darkseid kidnaps Martin Stein.

Hawkgirl #61-62 – Hawkgirl battles the Female Furies, who are trying to capture some sort of device.

Flash: The Fastest Man Alive #9-13 – Steppenwolf attempts stealing a strange object from Bart’s locker. Inertia gathers the Rogues who kill Bart Allen.

Brave & The Bold #1-6 – Hal Jordan, Adam Strange, Batman and Supergirl prevent the Lords of Luck from possessing the Book of Destiny. Supergirl reads the future in the Book, mentioning "The New Gods" "The Great Disaster" and "Earthfall".

Birds of Prey #104 - #108 – The Birds of Prey battle the Secret Six for the possession of Ice. Big Barda and Knockout rampage.

Green Lantern #14-20 – The Sinestro Corp. is gathered.

Green Lantern Corp #10-13 – Guy Gardner is framed for murder and Mogo is revealed to be infected by something "yellow". Mogo is freed from influence by other members of the Corp.

Superman #654-658, 662 – 664, 667, Annual 13 – Arion warns of a great disaster, unless Superman stops fighting evil. Superman meets the Young Gods.

Superman/Batman #34 - 36 - Superman discovers that Batman still has the OMAC prototype.

Detective Comics #831 - Harley Quinn is paroled.

Catwoman #66-68 – Hammer & Sickle capture Catwoman. Holly saves Catwoman, but their home is destroyed and she goes on the run.

Checkmate #13-15, Outsiders #47-49 – Checkmate enlists the Outsiders to take out Oolong Island. Nightwing quits the Outsiders and asks Batman to take his place.

Justice League Of America #8-10, Justice Society Of America #5-6 – The “original” Legion of Super-Heroes capture something from the Speed-Force. They inadvertently return Wally West and his family.

Amazons Attack #1-6 - The Amazons, led by Hippolyta, return and attack Washington DC. The war is ended when Granny Goodness, in the guise of Athena, captures the Amazons.

Green Arrow #73-75 - Green Arrow and Black Canary battle Deathstroke, who orchestrated Oliver Queen's downfall as Mayor. Deathstroke is about to kill Black Canary and GA offers his life instead. The JLA arrive and Deathstroke flees. Ollie resigns as mayor and proposes to Black Canary.

JSA: Classfied #26-27 - Wildcat takes down a syndicate which bets on superhero fights. A syndicate run by Desaad.

Action Comics #850 – While viewing the past, the Post- Infinite Crisis Legion of Super-Heroes are very surprised to discover Superman was a Legion member.

Teen Titans #47 - The Titans attend Duala Dent's funeral. A Monitor stops them from investigating her death.

All-New Atom #12-15 – The Atom joins with Donna Troy, Jason Todd and a rogue Monitor to search for Ray Palmer.

Batman #667-669 – Black Glove first attempts to destroy Batman.

Blue Beetle #16 – Blue Beetle battles Eclipso.

Green Lantern: Sinestro Corp Special #1, Green Lantern #21-25, Green Lantern Corp #14-18 – The Sinestro corp, lead by the Anti-Monitor, battle the Green Lantern Corp for control of Earth and the Multiverse. Superman-Prime is catapulted into the multiverse by a Guardian.

Superman Batman #37-42 – Darkseid & Desaad mind control Superman. He retrieves Highfather’s staff, from the Source Wall for them. Batman rescues Superman and the staff is returned to the wall.

Action Comics #852-854 - Jimmy becomes the superhero, Mr. Action.

Black Canary #1-4 – Black Canary agrees to marry Green Arrow.

Outsiders Five Of A Kind, Outsiders #50 - Through a series of tasks, Batman recruits a new Outsiders. The new team then battles the Suicide Squad.

Booster Gold #1-6 - Booster Gold agrees to work with Rip Hunter, in secret, to help protect time from being corrupted. Blue Beetle is saved from being killed by Maxwell Lord.

Birds of Prey #109 - Knockout is killed by whoever is targetting New Gods.

52 Aftermath - The Four Horsemen #1-6 - The four horsemen are reborn in Bialya. They attack Oolong Island, which has claimed independence from Intergang.

Teen Titans #50-54 - The Titans hold a memorial for Bart Allen. The Titans of Tomorrow appear and take down the Justice League. The future Titans try to persuade the present day Titans to become like them. The Titans resist and are faced with an army of future Titans, led by Lex Luthor.

Paul Newell
06-13-2007, 01:55 AM
Batman #670-671, Detective Comics #838-840, Robin #168-169, Nightwing #138-139 – Ras Al Ghul is resurrected.

Countdown to Adventure #1-8 - Adam Strange is replaced as champion of Rann. Adam, Animal Man and Starfire battle an army of mind controlled sentients. Mind controlled, apparently, by the Lady Styx. Forerunner reveals her origins to Monarch. The Monitor’s send Dark Angel to kill her.

Black Canary Wedding Planner #1 - Black Canary & Green Arrow plan their wedding.

Supergirl #21-22 - Supergirl confronts Karate Kid & Una. She regains her memory of being a member of the Post- Infinite Crisis Legion.

Justice Society Of America #9-15 – The Justice Society encounter the Earth-22 Superman from Kingdom Come.

Countdown Presents the Search For Ray Palmer – Wildstorm #1 - The Challengers of the Unknown visit the Wildstorm Universe.

Justice League of America - Wedding Special #1, Justice League Of America #13-15 – The Justice League battle Lex Luthor’s Injustice League.

Suicide Squad: From the Ashes #1-8 - Amanda Waller reveals to Rick Flag that Rick Flag Sr. wasn't his father. General Eiling makes plans to take over the Squad.

Wonder Girl #1-4 - Wonder Girl battles the Female Furies.

Countdown to Mystery #1-8 - A new Dr. Fate is "created". Darkseid claims to have create Eclipso.

Green Arow/Black Canary - Wedding Special #1 - Deathstroke and a legion of villains attack Green Arrow and Black Canary's wedding.

Blue Beetle #19 - Blue Beetle stops Giganta from assassinating La Dama. Giganta mentions that Super-Villains are disappearing.

Uncle Sam & The Freedom Fighters #1-8 – The President asks the Freedom Fighters to become a Metahuman Taskforce, splitting the team. Uncle Sam mentions the upcoming Crisis.

Countdown Presents the Search For Ray Palmer: Crime Society #1 - The origin of the Jokester is revealed.

Catwoman #71 – Catwoman, with the help of Batman, fakes her own death.

Detective Comics #837 - The Riddler, with the help of Holly and Harley, retrieves some drugs stolen from Wayne Chemicals. Desaad is revealed to be behind the Athenian Womens Shelter.

Captain Carrot and the Final Ark #1-3 - The Zoo Crew battle Salamandroid & Frogzilla.

Green Arrow - Black Canary #1-3 - It's revealed that the Oliver Queen killed is actually Everyman. The real Oliver is held captive by the Amazons. Black Canary, Speedy & Connor Hawke mount a rescue mission.

Checkmate #18-20 - It's revealed that Amanda Waller & King Faraday, under orders from the American government, are interning criminals somewhere the other side of a teleportational "door".

Catwoman #72-74 – After losing everything, Catwoman is captured by the Suicide Squad and sent off planet.

Death of The New Gods #1-8 - The New Gods are being killed off. Members of the Forever People are witnessed at the scenes of the crimes. Himon & Takion discover another Source Wall, containing the souls of those New Gods that have been killed.

Brave & The Bold #7-12 - After being defeated, Megistus mentions that he was preparing the Earth for the upcoming Crisis.

Gotham Underground #1-9 - Several of Gotham's villains are captured by the Suicide Squad. Batman goes undercover to find out what the Squad are doing with them.

Action Comics #857-862 - Superman travels to the 30th Century to help the Legion of Super-Heroes.

Countdown Presents: Lord Havok & The Extremists #1-8 - Lord Havok conquers Slovekia and declares war on America's heroes.

The Crime Bible: Five Lessons In Blood #1-5 - The Question becomes the head of the Religion Of Crime.

DC Infinite Halloween Special - Inmates of Arkhum tell each other Halloween tales. The Mad Hatter tells the tale of the vampire Batman, from Red Rain, killing Dick Grayson’s parents.

Countdown Presents the Search For Ray Palmer: Red Rain #1 - The Batman bites Dick Grayson and he becomes a vampire Robin. The Challengers of the Unknown find another Atom "mark".

Batman & The Outsiders #1-3 – The Outsiders capture a new type of OMAC.

Salvation Run #1-7 – Follows the villains that have been transported to Devilance's planet by Checkmate.

Titans East Special #1 – Several Titans are killed or wounded, including Power Boy and Little Barda.

Birds of Prey #112 – A wake is held for Big Barda.

Countdown Presents the Search For Ray Palmer: Gotham by Gaslight #1 - The Challengers meet The Bat-Man and Blue Beetle. It is revealed they are only a few days behind Ray Palmer.

Superman Batman #43 – Superman & Batman vs Dr. Light. Lex Luthor spirits him away.

Wonder Woman #14-17 - Wonder Woman is reunited with Hippolyta.

Countdown: Arena #1-4 - Monarch recruits various beings to lead his army.

Superman Batman #44-49 – While attempting to rid the world of Green Kryptonite, Superman & Batman cross swords with Amanda Waller.

Batman #672-674 – Three agents, dressed as Batman, are sent by Black Glove to kill him.

Countdown Presents the Search For Ray Palmer: Red Rain #1 - The Challengers battle the Russian Superman.

Countdown Presents the Search For Ray Palmer: Superwoman Batwoman #1 - The Challengers counter a gender reversed world.

Paul Newell
06-13-2007, 02:29 AM
Green Lantern #26-28 - The Guardians create the Alpha Lanterns.

Green Lantern Corp #20-26 - Mongul begins gathering rings.

Justice League of America #16 - The JLA meet the Tangent Atom.

Justice League of America #17-19 - Several villains, on the run from the Suicide Squad, request "sanctuary" from the JLA.

Catwoman #75-#77 – Catwoman "joins" Luthor's band on the Hell Planet.

Booster Gold #0, 7-11, One Million – Booster & the Blue Beetles stumble into Zero Hour, then discover they've changed the present day DCU.

Green Lantern Corp #21-22 - Focuses on Boodika of the Alpha Lanterns.

Batman #675 - Jezebel Jet discovers Bruce Wayne is Batman.

Catwoman #78-#79 – Catwoman somehow returns to Earth.


Green Lantern #29-35 - Hal Jordan & Sinestro meet Atrocitus for the first time.

Legion of Super-Heroes #43 - Karate Kid & Triplicate Girl are spirited away by persons unknown.

Tangent: Superman's Reign #1-12 - Flash & John Stewart travel to Earth 9.

Detective Comics #845 - Batman meets a just-returned Catwoman.

Batman #676 -681, Detective Comics #846-850, Nightwing #147-150, Robin #175-176, Batman & The Outsiders #11-13 - Batman R.I.P.

Rann-Thanagar: Holy War #1-8 - A god-like being caled Synnar reveals to Adam Strange & Hawkman that they are two beings belonging to the Aberrant Six.

Justice Society of America #16-22, Kingdom Come Superman #1, Magog #1, The Kingdom #1 - The Justice Society meet a revived Gog, which splits the team.

Catwoman #80-82 - Catwoman leaves Gotham.

Green Lantern Corp #27-28 - Saarek, a Green Lantern who can communicate with the dead, is given the task of finding the Anti-Monitor's corpse.

Paul Newell
05-08-2008, 08:42 PM

I've actually done a bit of reorganising and have a few updates to add to the list...Just got to find the time to do it, though. :redface:

05-09-2008, 05:24 AM
Thanks and I'll be on the lookout for when you have some time.

It's much appreciated.

Paul Newell
05-09-2008, 06:56 AM
Well I had some time... :)

05-09-2008, 04:13 PM
Thanks so much. I'm rereading some assorted stuff atm so I'll keep this in mind. Much appreciated.

Paul Newell
05-10-2008, 05:12 AM
No worries. I should be clear that a lot of these are "Red Sky" tie-ins....I'm thinking of changing the list to reflect that. Eg. Both the first two Brave & The Bold storylines and the Uncle Sam & The Freedom Fighters mini's only have a mention of the Crisis in one issue. But it's a mention, none the less.

11-07-2008, 12:57 PM
Thanks for the update, ive been looking forward to reading this, although i do think Final Crisis has lost a step since back in the day. Its still a great piece of work though.

rev sully
01-30-2009, 03:57 PM
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