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04-09-2007, 10:10 PM
52 WEEK #49 $2.50 - One more week to WWIII!
WONDER WOMAN #7 $2.99 - Because I continue to be a glutton for punishment.

DYNAMO 5 #2 $3.50 - This will probably be the first book that I read this week.

NEW AVENGERS #29 $2.99 - Or will this be the first book that I read?

WASTELAND #8 (MR) $3.50 - Now more expensive! Wait for trade?
WASTELAND BOOK 1 CITIES IN DUST TP (MR) $11.95 - For the bookshelf.

Wait for Trade
BPRD GARDEN OF SOULS - At some point as I've fallen behind and haven't read the last couple of mini-series.


Augie De Blieck Jr.
04-10-2007, 06:44 AM
DYNAMO 5 #2 is the book of the week if only for one reason:

There's a new character introduced in it named "Augie."

Gotta love it!


04-10-2007, 06:52 AM
DYNAMO 5 #2 is the book of the week if only for one reason:

There's a new character introduced in it named "Augie."

Gotta love it!


That's cool! I've given up ever seeing a character named "Trip" in pages of a funny book. Although, it was kind of neat to see one on Star Trek Enterprise while it was on the air! :)

04-10-2007, 06:59 AM
That's cool! I've given up ever seeing a character named "Trip" in pages of a funny book. Although, it was kind of neat to see on Star Trek Enterprise while it was on the air! :)
That is cool. Most of the people named Jamie on TV / comics / movies are women. :(

There is Jamie Madrox though - and he even spells it the same way. :D

04-10-2007, 09:42 AM
AFTER THE CAPE #2 - #1 was very cool. I'm biting on the issues because it's a 3-ish mini.
FELL #8 - SWEET! Just read #7 and it was damn good.

AMAZING SPIDER-GIRL #7 - #6 was awesome. Classic Hobby.
IRON MAN #16 - No, haven't gotten it yet. Looking forward to it!
LEGION OF MONSTERS MAN-THING #1 - The Werewolf one was good. This could be a sleeper event.
LONERS #1 - Just GOTTA have it.
NEWUNIVERSAL #5 - This is getting damn good.
NOVA #1 - YES!!! Just finished up the last of Ann. yesterday!
PUNISHER WAR JOURNAL #6 - So.... what now?
SHE-HULK 2 #17 - Fun stuff. Slott-a-rific!
THUNDERBOLTS #113 - Really liking this.
UNCANNY X-MEN #485 - Excellent! More Shi'ar maddness!
WOLVERINE ORIGINS #13 - Weird revelations in the last issue. Good series tho.


FABLES #60 - Of course!
LOVELESS #17 - 1 tpb behind
WONDER WOMAN #7 - I want Dodsonx2 art.
BOMB QUEEN III #2 - Must have collected!
BLADE #8 - maybe
SPIDER-MAN LOVES MARY JANE #17 - I'm a digest w/ this.
WHITE TIGER #5 - will be tpb'd

PROWLER MINI BUST - Spidey villian!

04-11-2007, 09:38 AM
52 WEEK #49
GEN 13 #7


Trusty Mutsi
04-11-2007, 11:33 AM
Just ordered Ultimate X-Men Hardcover off Amazon.com (used) for $10!

Also got JSA: Lost TPB (used as well) for $14 :)


04-11-2007, 12:13 PM
Oh another week.

DC Comics/Vertigo:
52 Week 49: Eeee, I predict a return of bat poop crazy Black Adam. Great looking cover on this one. Getting to the end.
All Star Superman #7: Awesome. Love this book when it comes out, which on the plus side, is much more often than AS Batman. You can say Quietly is slow, but at least he's always working, and it always looks great.
Fables #60: Best book put out by DC. Finally get back to the main story.

Fell #8: Sweet. Another great book. Buy the trade if you've never tried this before.

Ghost Rider #10: Proof that Daniel Way can write well paced stories when he wants to. I love this series, mostly for the art though which is consistently great.
Loners #1: One word: Darkhawk.
New Avengers #29: It's nice to see that Yu was busy during the CW delays. Wonder how many issues Marvel has back logged of this, cause it seems like they're putting them out every other/every third week. Loving the book as much as ever.
Punisher War Journal #6: We'll see. Starting to cool a bit on this series, but still enjoying it enough to buy.

Oni Press:
Wasteland #8: Sweet, once again. Another great book, and we get back to the main story this issue. Again, pick up the trade and get caught up with this book. It's great.

04-11-2007, 01:47 PM
DYNAMO 5 #2 is the book of the week if only for one reason:

There's a new character introduced in it named "Augie."

Gotta love it!


OK - time to be honest, how much $$$ did you fork over to Jay Faerber to get your name in this comic book? When you mentioned introducing a character being introduced with your name, I figured that it'd be someone who was in and out of the book in a couple of panels. Instead, it appears that it's someone who is in the book for the long-term.

04-11-2007, 02:10 PM
White Tiger#5
Amazing Spider-Girl#7
Spider-Man & The Fantastic Four#1
New Avengers#29
Buffy the Vampire Slayer#2
Legion of Monsters:Man-Thing#1
Ghost Rider#10
Friday the 13th#5

04-12-2007, 01:16 PM

For some reason this week, I decided to check out a lot of the Marvel/DC books that I don't normally get. I think it's interesting and fun to see where some books are headed and what people are doing with them.

All Star Superman #7 $2.99 - Eh, I don't know about this. Heidi's website caught my eye for this one, but it seems like Frank's art is kinda tame in this one, although some other artists could take note that he manages to draw some of the most beautiful women I've ever seen, with hardly a cheesecake shot.

Gen 13 Vol 4 #7 $2.99 - Gail, I'm sorry. Though this one seems a vast improvement over the 1st issue I got, and the fun factor seems to be creeping in more, I cannot say that I'll get this anymore, maybe waiting for the trade. The original series was a hard act to follow, so I'm not sure a redo was the best answer. Not that it's your fault, mind you.

Green Lantern Corps Vol 2 #11 $2.99 - Damn those little sinestro bugs! Well, no GL seems to be equipped to handle/prepare for them and they are slowly sweeping the GL's away to their side. I wonder if the prophecy will come true? The book is too fractured for the stories they want to seem to tell, but a slow burn would not be able to handle all the stories that they need to tell. The war should be fun.

JLA Classified #37 $2.99 - Kid amazo!! HAHA!! Only a story Milligan could tell. :) I really liked the fun in this one. Will check out the next one.

Teen Titans Vol 3 #45 $2.99 - Whoa! That's a LOT of Teen Titans in this book! O.O I like the way the story seems to fit sooo much action into one book. The story trumps the art in this one for me. Can't wait for the next one.

Wonder Woman Vol 3 #7 $2.99 - I like this current story of WW. The only thing that was really odd was when she dropped him. I mean, comeon! The guy is like in a semi-critical state and you drop him for a joke!?!?? That was weird, but this book is good.

Ghost Rider Vol 5 #10 $2.99 - Eh, though I really liked the art, I mean, Saltieres and Tex!! Hard to beat, but the story was not really my thing. I just don't find Way's stories all that engaging.

Iron Man Vol 4 #16 $2.99 - Okay then, though I liked the art and story. I'm really interested in seeing how this 'superhero' book is turning more into a political/espionage type book. I've never really been that big a fan of IM, but I guess this change is more popular?

Loners #1 $2.99 - This one seems like maybe an idea for a Runaways type book, for some older, former heroes type book. Darkhawk, I have never been interested in. Spider-Girl, YES!!! Lightspeed, of Power Pack!!! :D Thought the Rainbow Brite comment was funny. Erm, don't know much about the others, but knowing who's on the team and hopefully, seeing how the whole Civil War thing may not effect them as much may make this a book to look out for.

New X-Men Vol 2 #37 $2.99 - Man, this was good! I like the set up and the side story was excellent! The kids' comments throughout were hilarious! And yes, the art was also excellent.

Punisher War Journal Vol 2 #6 $2.99 - Er, why is he tied to that pole? I have no idea. Why do all the big guy have the same physique? I dunno. This was okay, but I'll stick with the Max version of Frank. (even though I hated the last story)

She-Hulk 2 #17 $2.99 - Okay, even though I was led to believe that the art was no longer fun in this book, apparently, it is! The art is cartoony and fun. Unfortunately, that does not fit the storyline. I HATE the idea that Jen is no longer in her lawyer story, I HATE the idea that apparently, she sleeps all over the place, esp, with a cheesy/sleezy Tony Stark, ew. I HATE the idea that Civil War ruined this book for me. I mean, I hope Slott is fighting like hell to get Jen out of that part of the Marvel U, cause downloads or not, this book is just being ripped apart in 2 different directions, and they don't mix! I did find it kinda funny how she kept the one Nick Fury head on her like a trophy/toy till the end, even with it's impending last comments.

Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane #17 $2.99 - Wow, Hahn was the right choice. Hopefully, he adjusts to the book's writing and lets him open up a bit more. I can handle this book with his art. Ahhhhh......*breathes sigh of relief* BUT, this is the storyline I call..PETER IS A DICK!!

Dark Horse Dark Horse
Conan & The Midnight God #3 $2.99 - Um, how did her other arm get a sword?!?!? Anyways, this was another fairly interesting Conan book. I don't particularly like the idea of another 'creature' who is merely an animal head on a hot female body. But I guess that is a very old concept, before Conan and comics. I'd like to see more of Conan's elite guard actually doing well against an opponent, instead of being canon fodder.

Amaze Ink/Slave Labor Graphics
Emo Boy #11 $2.95 - Dammit. I like this book, but it just seemed all over the place and not enough story. Comeon Steve, Bi-Polar Bear was kinda funny.

Brain Scan Studios
Fiendish Fables One Shot #1 $3.50 - Wow. I have to say, I was skeptical when I first picked this one up, but scanned it and it looked okay. This is a nice little horror b/w anthology. The basis of the stories seems to be to short and end on a cheesy-horror ending, and some of the stories are done by creators with some talent, but they are very enjoyable nonetheless. Too bad this is a one shot, I think it's nice to see new talent and what they can come up with.