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02-01-2007, 05:39 AM
Currently my only X-wish is for somebody to settle once and for all that whole “Xorneto” monstrosity, and since MC seems to be the main x-writer at the moment, he should handle it. Personally, I’d rather stick with GM’s original plan that Xorn=Magneto, but in order to satisfy all those rabid Magneto fans, make Xorn be a clone, that way achieving the impossible feat of managing satisfy everybody who either loved or hated the Planet X storyline.

Here’s my fanboy fanfic scenario (indulge me a bit) which anybody is free to use (I wish X-P):

After Genosha was destroyed, Magneto did die, but his death was sensed by the real Xorn, Shen Xorn, from his underground prison, using his energy-sensing ability due to his star-brain mutation. Xorn is actually the founder and spiritual head of of the Chinese mutant rebellion, “3-Peace” ( which was shown in the X-Force Annual 1994), and secretly continues to control it in plain sight (like how mob bosses are still able to run their criminal empires even while in jail). He calls in favors, and so the he teleporting ex-Brotherhood founding member/Magneto fangirl Astra (deus ex machina for Magneto-clone Joseph’s retcon/origin) is sent to Genosha to obtain a sample of Maggie’s DNA for cloning since Xorn is such an admirer of the Master of Magnetism (as stated in New Avengers 18). Now it’s been presumed that she was killed by Apocalypse in the Twelve storyline as punishment for trying to take over Earth for herself, but here we learn that she managed to survive by being escaping to her native China (never stated, but she obviously looks East Asian and there is already a disproportionately high number of Japanese characters in Marvel vis-a-vis a disproportionately low number of Chinese characters). So she goes there and finds Magnus’ corpse, which she symbolically buries along with her love/hate feelings toward him. Just after she leaves, we see Magnus come back to life ala Alan Quatermain in the LOEG movie, thanks to his daughter Wanda’s reality warping. Now all this while, Shen Xorn has been monitoring everything half a world away, and knows something’s going on, and though he doesn’t know who Wanda is, he decides to assume that she’s a manifestation of the Buddhist goddess of mercy Kwan-Yin since she’s a)an extremely powerful female spiritual presence, b)she did give Magnus a second chance at life, and c)he’s a half-crazy Buddhist fanatic (yes, they exist, see Gensomaiden Saiyuki) driven semi-mad from decades of isolated captivity. This fact will play an important part later on. Meanwhile, the Magneto clone has been born, but is sensibly never told that he is in fact, a clone of the original. 3-Peace (who have presented themselves to Magnus as his Chinese fanclub) plan to use him as live bait to lure in the U-Men (who have been massacring China’s mutant population in collusion with the Chinese government) by having him pose as their leader Xorn, who is actually a famous urban legend in China. They do this by setting him up in Feng Tu 1, which they trick clone-Magneto into thinking is newly built jus t for him, when it is really the original prison Xorn first escaped from (seen in a flashback in New Xmen Annual 1) before being confined in the subterraeanean Feng Tu 2. They pair him up with Ao Jun, the mutant prison guard and one time Xorn-sympathizer who let him escape in the first place, who is now vengefully embittered at the Chinese state for taking away his normal life by forcing him to be Xorn’s jailer for a quarter of a century before finally retiring him. To complete the charade, they introduce clone-Magneto to the mutant enhancing drug Kick (which has started to become popular among the mutant community and which is revealed to be secretly manufactured by Sublime possessed humans who don’t know any better) to boost his power levels to approximate that of Shen Xorn, who clone-Magneto believes is just an imaginary cover identity devised by his followers. Next come the events of New Xmen Annual 1, and the New Xmen series (as explained by the Unofficial Guide to Grant Morrisson’s New Xmen-available free online) and the rest as they say is history. Later, post Planet-X, Shen Xorn is so emotionally affected over the death of clone-Magneto, who he has grown attached to as he has been observing everything that has happened in NXM (whose only hobby available it turns out is voyeurism on a planetary scale ala Gamemaster) that in a fit of pique, he attempts suicide by removing his helmet, ultimately causing Havok’s team to go to China in Chuck Austen’s first X-story. Once freed and brought back to the X-Mansion, in order to prevent the Xmen from learning everything, he lies to them upon interrogation, which is easy since he does have a star for a brain, and high-level energy wielders have always been able to scramble telepathic probes (ex. New Sun), so the Xmen are forced to take to take him for his word that “Kuan-Yin Xorn” is his twin brother (which is indeed true, if you think about it, metaphorically speaking, with the “Kuan-Yin” part being Shen Xorn’s pet nickname for clone-Magneto). The rest we all know until New Avengers 18, when Magneto finally comes face to face with the spirit of his dead clone, who has since his death been roaming the Earth as a ghost (as explained in that embarassingly contrived and convoluted piece of fantasticrap press release by Joe Quesada), and in the process has learned the real truth of his origins, and has as a result adopted the name “Xorn” as a defiant show of ironic humor (if you think about it, why would Magneto be able to feel any “connection” at all to Xorn in the first place, seeing as how they’ve never even met, as seen in that issue, if they were not genetically related on some level to begin with?)

So what do the rest of you think? Plausible? I really like it myself,as the idea of Xorn as a clone of Magneto balances the existence of the previous clone of Magneto, Joseph, who also joined the Xmen. There’s a certain symmetry to it in that Joseph was the “Angel” version of Magneto, while Xorneto was the “Devil” version of Magneto, with the real Magneto the person in the middle with those 2 spirits on his shoulders. Really now, why didn’t Marvel just use the “clone” defense in this case like it did in previous instances when a major marvel character, particularly X-character, acted wildly out-of-established-continuity, i.e. turned the opposite of their original alignment e.g. Sunspot & Reignfire, Psylocke & Revanche, Doctor Doom & the Doombots, Thanos & all his deaths, etc.