View Full Version : Review: "Superman: The Ultimate Collector's Edition" (Possible Spoilers)

11-27-2006, 10:39 AM
The World's Finest has a review online for the Superman: The Ultimate Collector's Edition set, streeting tomorrow:


This is, without a doubt, the easiest judgment call Iíve ever had to come to when critiquing a DVD set. Thereís not doubt in my mind that Superman: The Ultimate Collectorís Edition should be bestowed the Highest Possible Recommendation I can give. This is a set that Warner truly made for the fans, as just about everything they could possibly want in a Superman collection is here. I honestly canít think of anything else to include, as it seems like thereís no stone left unturned within these fourteen discs. In short, itís all here. Every single thing.

I canít recommend this set enough, and given the price, fans should not pass this collection up. Thereís simply something in here for everyone, be it the casual fan or the most die-hard of followers. With this set, thereís always something new to discover. Thereís always a new piece of information of nearly every perspective on these films is provided. The best is bursting with content with literally days worth of material to view. Itís all here, people, and thereís no reason whatsoever to turn this collection down. Very Highly Recommended.