View Full Version : Showcase Presents: The Unknown Soldier

11-22-2006, 07:03 AM
The Unknown Soldier Showcase comes out this week, and I'm pretty strongly inclined towards buying it. But since I haven't ordered it yet, I figured that I might as well ask for opinions of it.

So when any of y'all get your copies, what do you recommend?

Lone Ranger
11-22-2006, 07:33 AM
The Unknown Soldier is one of my favourite comic book characters ever.

I am pretty near to having a complete run of his appearances in SSWS and Unknown Soldier, but I'll still likely pick up the Showcase volume for easy reading.

As I understand, this volume has stories from SSWS #150-191.

That's a good chunk of stories with work by some fine creators, I hope that the reproduction job is a good one, especially one the covers because Kubert did some of his best work here.

I've said this ad nauseum, but I'll say it again. The run by the Dave Michelinie/Gerry Talaoc team between issues #183 and #202 is one of the hidden gems of the 70s. Unfortunately this volume ends halfway through the run.

The characters really develops during this stretch as he is forced to make many morally questionable decisions and the ambiguities of war time bahaviour are ever present. The Soldier conflict with Mlle Marie hatches during this run as well. I think you'll notice a different tone the moment Michelinie takes over scripting chores.

The Talaoc art may seem stranged at first, but I think that it will grow on most readers.

A second volume is necessary, but I feel the title become a bit inconsistent after issue #225 or so - although there are many memorable stories and the covers remain awesome.

Great stuff - I highly recommend picking it up.