View Full Version : Eye On It Comics is coming!!!!

11-06-2006, 01:29 AM
Eye On It Comics is a NYC based comic book company created by Hezues R' and Heath Amodio. They focus on the stories that deserve to be told. The most creative teams possible will be working to put out only top of the line comicbooks. Their first release is entitled "La Cosa Nostra: A Mafia Story". it combines fiction with fact to create one of the most realistic and compelling mafia stories to date. Based on the 1930's NYC mafia, this series will take you through the height of organized crime's notorious history. Written by Heath Amodio who had been chosen by Marvel Comics for publication through their Epic open Submissions call just to see Epic end up going under. Drawn by Adam Swiecky. A Holland based artist trying to break into American comics. We're also looking for more and more talent so contact us at eoicomics@yahoo.com